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** VOCABULARY WORDS – 18.03.2020 ** ———————————————————————   1. OUTBREAK (NOUN): (प्रकोप): breakout Synonyms: outburst, epidemic Antonyms: subsidence, pacification Example Sentence: The origin of the outbreak is uncertain.   2. COVENANT (NOUN): (प्रतिज्ञापत्र): treaty Synonyms: contract, compact Antonyms: promise, understanding Example Sentence: There was a covenant between them that her name was never to be

NEWS OF THE DAY – .18.03.2020

** NEWS OF THE DAY – .18.03.2020 ** ——————————————————————   1-The central government has appointed former SBI banker Prashant Kumar as the new Chief Executive Officer of the financially troubled Yes Bank. केंद्र सरकार ने आर्थिक रूप से परेशान येस बैंक के नए मुख्य कार्यकारी अधिकारी के रूप में पूर्व एसबीआई बैंकर प्रशांत कुमार को


** VOCABULARY WORDS – 17.03.2020 ** ——————————————————————— 1. FRIVOLOUS (ADJECTIVE): (मूर्खतापूर्ण): foolish Synonyms: idiotic, impractical Antonyms: intelligent, sensible Example sentence: He is such a frivolous man. 2. REHASH (VERB): (पुरानी सामग्री को नया रूप देना): restate Synonyms: reuse, change Antonyms: deny, refuse Example sentence: Rahul Vaidya endlessly rehashes old songs of Kumar Sanu. 3. RESTIVE

NEWS OF THE DAY – .17.03.2020

** NEWS OF THE DAY – .17.03.2020 ** —————————————————————— 1-The government has set up a 25-member development council for pulp, paper and allied industries, to spur growth of the sector. J K Paper Ltd President A S Mehta will be the chairman of the council. लुग्दी, कागज और संबंधित उद्योगों के विकास के लिए सरकार


** VOCABULARY WORDS – 14.03.2020 ** ——————————————————————— 1. MONSTROUS (ADJECTIVE): (विकट/राक्षसी): shockingly devilish Synonyms: atrocious, heinous Antonyms: moral, sensible Example Sentence: It is monstrous how badly he is treated. 2. REVERENT (ADJECTIVE): (श्रद्धालु): showing great respect. Synonyms: reverential, appreciative Antonyms: impolite, rude Example Sentence: A reverent silence followed the professor’s lecture. 3. QUINTESSENTIAL (ADJECTIVE): (सारमय):

NEWS OF THE DAY – .14.03.2020

** NEWS OF THE DAY – .14.03.2020 ** —————————————————————— 1-The Department of Posts, Delhi Circle has opened the third all-Women Post Office in the national capital. डाक विभाग, दिल्ली सर्कल ने राष्ट्रीय राजधानी में तीसरा महिला डाक घर खोला है। 2-State Bank of India said Chalasani Venkat Nageswar has been given additional charge of deputy


** VOCABULARY WORDS – 13.03.2020 ** ——————————————————————— 1. ANGST (NOUN): (उत्कंठा): feeling of anxiety Synonyms: agony, apprehension Antonyms: calmness, confidence Example Sentence: A day before the fight, the inexperienced boxer was plagued with angst about losing his first match. 2. ACCOMPLICE (NOUN): (सहकारी): aide Synonyms: associate, ally Antonyms: opponent, enemy Example Sentence: Priya could not

NEWS OF THE DAY – .13.03.2020

** NEWS OF THE DAY – .13.03.2020 ** —————————————————————— 1-President Ram Nath Kovind gave away the Nari Shakti Puraskar to 15 women in Rashtrapati Bhawan on the occasion of International Women’s Day. अंतर्राष्‍ट्रीय महिला दिवस के अवसर पर राष्‍ट्रपति रामनाथ कोविंद ने राष्‍ट्रपति भवन में विभिन्‍न क्षेत्रों में उत्‍कृष्‍ट कार्य करने वाली 15 महिलाओं को


** VOCABULARY WORDS – 05.03.2020 ** ——————————————————————— 1. DEBILITY (NOUN): (दुर्बलता): decrepitude Synonyms: enervation, enfeeblement Antonyms: soundness, healthiness Example Sentence: Even though she beat cancer, she still dealt with debility from her battle. 2. DISENTOMB (VERB): (अन्वेषण करना): disclose Synonyms: resurrect, unearth Antonyms: entomb, bury Example Sentence: They disentombed the matter. 3. CANARD (NOUN): (झूठी

NEWS OF THE DAY – .05.03.2020

** NEWS OF THE DAY – .05.03.2020 ** —————————————————————— 1-The government has extended the term of Securities and Exchange Board of India Chairman Ajay Tyagi by six months or until further orders. सरकार ने भारतीय प्रतिभूति एवं विनिमय बोर्ड के अध्यक्ष अजय त्यागी का कार्यकाल छह महीने या अगले आदेश तक बढ़ा दिया है। 2-US