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**VOCABULARY WORDS 30.09.2017** ———————————————– 1. SWERVE (VERB): deflect Synonyms: skid, stray Antonyms: abide, persist Example Sentence: A lorry swerved across her path. 2. RACY (ADJECTIVE): zestful Synonyms: saucy, energetic Antonyms: sluggish, lackadaisical Example Sentence: The novel was considered rather racy at the time. 3. PLOD (VERB): lumber Synonyms: slog, tramp Antonyms: creeping, sneaking Example Sentence:

TOP HEADLINES 30.09.2017

**TOP HEADLINES 30.09.2017** ————————————————– 1. According to MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index 2017, Chennai, Kolkata along with the six Indian cities have been featured in with the six Indian cities. Apart from Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and Bengaluru have been included in the list. मास्टरकार्ड ग्लोबल डेस्टिनेशन सिटिज इंडेक्स 2017 के अनुसार यात्रा के

TOP HEADLINES 29.09.2017

**TOP HEADLINES 29.09.2017** ————————————————– 1. Indian star Priyanka Chopra has made it to Forbes’ annual top-10 highest-paid TV actresses list. Sofia Vergara has topped this list. फोर्ब्स की इस साल सबसे अधिक कमाने वाली दस शीर्ष टीवी अभिनेत्रियों की सूची में भारतीय स्टार प्रियंका चोपड़ा ने जगह बनायी है। इस सूची में सोफिया वरगारा पहले


**VOCABULARY WORDS 29.09.2017** ———————————————– 1. FURROWED (ADJECTIVE): wrinkled Synonyms: rutted, corrugated Antonyms: unfurrowed, unwrinkled Example Sentence: She laid the furrowed the bed sheet. 2. SMACKED (VERB): bang Synonyms: pat, whack Antonyms: tap, bide Example Sentence: She smacked the door in my face. 3. EVANESCE (VERB): disappear Synonyms: disperse, dissipate Antonyms: collect, gather Example Sentence: Her


**VOCABULARY WORDS 28.09.2017** ———————————————– 1. INVIGORATING (ADJECTIVE): stimulating Synonyms: bracing, exhilarating Antonyms: boring, dull Example Sentence There is nothing like an invigorating shower after a long day at work. 2. EVADE (VERB): avoid Synonyms: bypass, circumvent Antonyms: confront, encounter Example Sentence: You can’t evade your duties. 3. CONGLOMERATE (ADJECTIVE): composite Synonyms: amassed, assorted Antonyms: similar,

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**TOP HEADLINES 28.09.2017** ————————————————– 1. Noted vocalist Manik Bhide has been chosen for the prestigious Bharatratna Pandit Bhimsen Joshi award for year 2017-18 for her contribution in the field of music. जानीमानी शास्त्रीय गायिका माणिक भिडे को संगीत के क्षेत्र में उनके योगदान के लिए 2017-18 के प्रतिष्ठित भारत रत्न पंडित भीमसेन जोशी पुरस्कार के

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**TOP HEADLINES 26.09.2017** ————————————————– 1. Former home secretary Rajiv Mehrishi took over as the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India. पूर्व गृह सचिव राजीव महर्षि ने भारत के नियंत्रक एवं महालेखा परीक्षक (कैग) पद की शपथ ली। 2. Noted writer and journalist Arun Sadhu passed away. He was 76. जाने माने पत्रकार एवं लेखक


**VOCABULARY WORDS 26.09.2017** ———————————————– 1. FREAK (NOUN): aberration Synonyms: anomaly, oddity Antonyms: conformity, normality Example Sentence: The teacher says the accident was a total freak. 2. DISCOURSE (NOUN): communication Synonyms: dialogue, conversation Antonyms: quiet, silence Example Sentence: This is the language of political discourse. 3. GALLANT (ADJECTIVE): courageous Synonyms: brave, fearless Antonyms: afraid, fearful Example


**VOCABULARY WORDS 25.09.2017** ———————————————– 1. SPLINTER (NOUN): flake Synonyms: fragment, bit Antonyms: entirety, lot Example Sentence: That splinter of intelligence is substance. 2. PORTENT (NOUN): omen Synonyms: premonition, augury Antonyms: doom, cataclysm Example Sentence: She was not happy when the psychic told her the black cat represented a portent of bad luck. 3. SLOVENLY (ADJECTIVE):


**VOCABULARY WORDS 23.09.2017** ————————————————– 1. TAME (ADJECTIVE): domesticated Synonyms: docile, gentle Antonyms: harsh, rough Example Sentence: The fish are so tame you have to push them away. 2. CRAM (VERB): overcrowd Synonyms: stuff, pack Antonyms: release, let out Example Sentence: The ashtray by the bed was crammed with cigarette butts. 3. REBUT (VERB): deny Synonyms: