** VOCABULARY WORDS 31.08.2018 **

1. PRIGGISH (ADJECTIVE): smug : (दम्भी)
Synonyms: pompous, stuffy
Antonyms: dissatisfied, discontented
Example Sentence:
I had to meet a priggish person in the train.

2. INURE (VERB): accustom someone to something esp. unpleasant : (सहनशील बनाना)
Synonyms: acclimate, toughen
Antonyms: neglect, soften
Example Sentence:
A continuation of the exclusion of these people from their lands should not inure to the benefit of the wrongdoers.

3. ONSLAUGHT (NOUN): attack : (हमला)
Synonyms: onrush, invasion
Antonyms: retreat, defense
Example Sentence:
The people suddenly made an onslaught on him.

4.REPINE (VERB): complain : (शिकायत करना)
Synonyms: grumble, lament
Antonyms: compliment, praise
Example Sentence:
He always repines about his peer.

5. CABOODLE (NOUN): collection of something : (ताम-झाम)
Synonyms: cluster, agglomeration
Antonyms: individual, one
Example Sentence:
I have a caboodle of great books.

6. ATTICISM (NOUN): grace : (लालित्य)
Synonyms: grandeur, elegance
Antonyms: crudeness, imbalance
Example Sentence:
I see the majestic Atticism in her personality.

7. AUSTERITY (NOUN): severity in manner : (आत्मसंयम)
Synonyms: acerbity, asperity
Antonyms: informality, mildness
Example Sentence:
The austerity of the politician was well renowned.

8. ARTIFICE (NOUN): clever act : (चालाकी)
Synonyms: maneuver, gimmick
Antonyms: candor, honesty
Example Sentence:
These pictures are full of artifice.

9. VALOUR (NOUN): courage : (वीरता)
Synonyms: firmness, fortitude
Antonyms: cowardice, timidity
Example Sentence:
His valor impressed everyone.

10. VIGILANT (ADJECTIVE): attentive : (जागरूक)
Synonyms: observant, cautious
Antonyms: heedless, impulsive
Example Sentence:
I am very vigilant while writing a letter.

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