** VOCABULARY WORDS 31.05.2018 **

1. EXCISION (NOUN): (काटना) cutting
Synonyms: ablation, extirpation
Antonyms: addition, insertion
Example Sentence:
The excision of the weed plant was successfully done.
2. EXCRUCIATING (ADJECTIVE): (कष्टदायी) torturous
Synonyms: agonizing, grueling
Antonyms: calm, mild
Example Sentence:
This is an excruciating task.
3. ETHOS (NOUN): (मनोवृत्ति) ideology
Synonyms: mentality, mindset
Antonyms: body, physicality
Example Sentence:
Sugam abides by his ethos.
4. EXPANSIVE (ADJECTIVE): (विस्तारी) broad
Synonyms: extensive, inclusive
Antonyms: narrow, reserved
Example Sentence:
This is an expansive project.
5. FACILE (ADJECTIVE): (सुगम) easy
Synonyms: effortless, glib
Antonyms: arduous, confusing
Example Sentence:
Sadhna likes doing facile things.
6. ENERVATE (VERB): (कमज़ोर करना) tire
Synonyms: debilitate, exhaust
Antonyms: energize, strengthen
Example Sentence:
Navya Naveli was enervated by the mettlesome picnic.
7. EXALT (VERB): (प्रशंसा करना) extol
Synonyms: glorify, laud
Antonyms: blame, castigate
Example Sentence:
He exalted about his achievements yesterday.
8. EXIGUOUS (ADJECTIVE): (थोड़ा) scanty
Synonyms: bare, little
Antonyms: large, plenty
Example Sentence:
Malvika poured an exiguous amount of dry yeast.
9. ENFEEBLE (VERB): (निःशक्त करना) make very weak
Synonyms: cripple, blunt
Antonyms: invigorate, energize
Example Sentence:
This acid enfeebled the whole chemical reaction.
10. VICARIOUS (ADJECTIVE): (सहानुभूति) empathetic
Synonyms: empathic, derived
Antonyms: indifferent, unfeeling
Example Sentence:
Nayra is compassionate and vicarious towards her daughter.

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