Vocabulary Words – 30.11.2015

**Vocabulary Words – 30.11.2015**

1. MISBEGOTTEN (ADJECTIVE): illegitimate, illicit

Synonyms: dishonest, illegal

Antonyms: lawful, licit

Example Sentence:

Sure enough, my friend lacked that small portion of his misbegotten frame.


Synonyms: delusion, haunt Antonyms: reality, truth

Example Sentence:

This apparition surprised me, because it seemed to accompany me.

3. BEMOAN (VERB): express sorrow

Synonyms: deplore, lament Antonyms: be happy, praise

Example Sentence:

Opening out her bundle of dried meat, she began to eat and bemoan her fate.

4. MALEFIC (ADJECTIVE): ruinous, injurious

Synonyms: deadly, fatal Antonyms: beneficial, lucky

Example Sentence:

The malefic Powers of savages have generally been absorbed by higher beings or have

otherwise disappeared.


Synonyms: magical, esoteric Antonyms: known, obvious

Example Sentence:

What he had to give was not mystical or abstract; it was purely concrete.

6. PARODY (NOUN): imitation, spoof

Synonyms: skit, farce Antonyms: reality, truth

Example Sentence:

He became a sort of parody of the man his father had hoped he would be.

7. PURLOIN (VERB): steal

Synonyms: embezzle, misappropriate Antonyms: give, keep

Example Sentence:

I knew you had great faults, but I did not dream that you would stoop so low as to

purloin money, as it seems you have done.

8. EXORDIUM (NOUN): introduction to a document

Synonyms: prologue, preface Antonyms: epilogue, postscript

Example Sentence:

It is his notion of freedom, and at once the exordium and peroration of his eloquence.

9. FLUNKY (NOUN): attendant

Synonyms: drudge, snob Antonyms: idler, laze

Example Sentence:

He did protest then that any flunky on the base could read it to the crowd as well as he.

10. MAUL (VERB): mangle, abuse

Synonyms: beat up, drub Antonyms: protect, guard

Example Sentence:

At first curiosity attracted this animal, and later the hunting instinct caused him to maul his prey.

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