**VOCABULARY WORDS 30.04.2018 **
1. ADULTERATE (VERB): alter often for profit
Synonyms: contaminate, defile
Antonyms: purify, cleanse
Example Sentence:
The shopkeeper was adulterating in the pulses.
Synonyms: imperative, essential
Antonyms: needless, superfluous
Example Sentence:
Watching live debate is as indispensable as the breakfast for me.
3. CRYPTIC (ADJECTIVE): mysterious
Synonyms: ambiguous, enigmatic
Antonyms: clear, definite
Example Sentence:
Anuj passed a cryptic remark.
4. DERIDE (VERB): mock
Synonyms: rap, incite
Antonyms: praise, commend
Example Sentence:
Atul was derided by his colleague for his foolish joke.
5. FRAY (NOUN): fracas
Synonyms: melee, brawl
Antonyms: harmony, peace
6. DECRY (VERB): disparage
Synonyms: belittle, denounce
Antonyms: praise, commend
Example Sentence:
One can’t gain anything by decrying the success of one’s rivals.
7. DISSIPATE (VERB): squander
Synonyms: waste, deplete
Antonyms: save, hoard
Example Sentence:
Our country cannot afford to dissipate the forest resources.
8. WITHERING (ADJECTIVE): destructive
Synonyms: annihilating, devastating
Antonyms: creative, developmental
Example Sentence:
We experienced a withering monsoon.
9. EXPUNGE (VERB): delete
Synonyms: destroy, obliterate
Antonyms: create, help
Example Sentence:
I shall request you to please expunge the sarcastic remark from the wall.
10. FOMENT (VERB): instigate
Synonyms: abet, arouse
Antonyms: finish, tranquilize
Example Sentence:
He fomented the innocent people.
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