** VOCABULARY WORDS 30.01.2018 **

1.COMMEMORATE (VERB): recall or show respect for
Synonyms: memorize, celebrate
Antonyms: ignore, neglect
Example Sentence:
All players will receive a championship ring to commemorate the team’s amazing season.

2. UNPRECEDENTED (ADJECTIVE): never done or known before
Synonyms: bizarre, unique
Antonyms: common, familiar
Example Sentence:
Before the storm, there was an unprecedented demand for food supplies that left many stores empty

3. FLUX (NOUN): the action or process of flowing
Synonyms: alteration, flow
Antonyms: constancy, stagnation
Example Sentence:
I never know how much I’ll pay for a gallon of fuel because gas prices are always in flux.

4. DISILLUSIONMENT (NOUN): disappointment from unexpected occurrence
Synonyms: adversity, chagrin
Antonyms: achievement, pleasure
Example Sentence:
There has been a sense of disillusionment on both sides about the present state of play in the relationship.

5. CANDID (ADJECTIVE): truthful, straightforward
Synonyms: impartial, equitable
Antonyms: biased, devious
Example Sentence:
Prevention from having candid conversations is required.

6. CREVICE (NOUN): a crack
Synonyms: chink, fissure
Antonyms: agreement, closure
Example Sentence:
The Hawksbill feeds on sponges in the reef ecosystem and opens up crevices for other marine life to live in.

7. LACKLUSTER (ADJECTIVE): lacking in force
Synonyms: blah, muted
Antonyms: bright, shiny
Example Sentence:
The new product achieved lackluster sales.

8. GAZE (NOUN): a steady intent look
Synonyms: peep, glaring
Antonyms: ignorance, avoidance
Example Sentence:
The policeman gave me a penetrating gaze.

9. TEMPTATION (NOUN): the desire to do something wrong or attract
Synonyms: decoy, seduction
Antonyms: hatred, prevention
Example Sentence:
He was under no temptation to commit suicide.

10. ENTANGLE (VERB): cause to become twisted together
Synonyms: entrap, bewilder
Antonyms: enlighten, exclude
Example Sentence:
They might entangle Austria in a war with Russia.

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