** VOCABULARY WORDS 29.05.2018 **

** VOCABULARY WORDS 29.05.2018 **

1. INTENDED (ADJECTIVE): (अभिप्रेत) deliberate
Synonyms: intentional, wilful
Antonyms: unfixed, unplanned
Example Sentence:
It was an intended joke.
2. FURNISH (VERB): (देना) provide
Synonyms: dispense, issue
Antonyms: receive, deny
Example Sentence:
The ATM furnished the money.
3. SLEW (NOUN): (अधिक मात्रा) abundance
Synonyms: aggregation, bunch
Antonyms: little, need
Example Sentence: 
There was a slew of currency notes in the bank.
4. DIFFIDENT (ADJECTIVE): (शर्मीला) bashful
Synonyms: meek, timid
Antonyms: confident, extroverted
Example sentence:
Don’t be a diffident spectator if crime is taking place before your very eyes.
5. ANNUL (VERB): (अन्त करना) abolish
Synonyms: abrogate, cancel
Antonyms: allow, continue
Example sentence:
The practice of immolation had been annulled already.
6. EXPURGATE (VERB): (संशोधन करना) sensor
Synonyms: bleep, decontaminate
Antonyms: make dirty, contaminate
Example sentence:
It is immoral to try to expurgate anything from the sacred writings of the past.
7. DEMURE (ADJECTIVE): (संकोची) reserved
Synonyms: shy, reticent
Antonyms: bold, brave
Example sentence:
Aneesh is a demure person.
8. INNUNDATE (VERB): (अभिभूत करना) have a strong emotional effect on.
Synonyms: touch, overwhelm
Antonyms: underwhelm, unimpressed
Example sentence:
The criminal was overwhelmed with guilt.
9. INOFFENSIVE (ADJECTIVE): (हानिहीन) harmless
Synonyms: innocuous, pleasant
Antonyms: damaging, malicious
Example Sentence:
Shweta is an inoffensive, and sensitive girl.
10. CONCEAL (VERB): (छिपाना) hide
Synonyms: cover, lurk
Antonyms: reveal, expose
Example Sentence: 
Why are you concealing your identity?

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