** VOCABULARY WORDS 28.11.2018 **

1. TRAVAIL (VERB): to work hard or with a great deal of effort
Synonyms: struggle, labor
Antonyms: lethargy, laziness
Example Sentence:
Bale travailed during the training so he could join the elite unit of soldiers, when they enter the recruitment phase.

2. PERTURB (VERB): to upset a person
Synonyms: annoy, irritate
Antonyms: comfort, assist
Example Sentence:
The troublesome kid does everything he can to perturb his nanny, when his parents are at work.

3. PARABLE (NOUN): a short story that delivers a message
Synonyms: fable, tale
Antonym: non-fiction, reality
Example Sentence:
After listening to the principal’s parable about resenting one’s peers, I realized I was guilty of the sin.

4. OSTRACIZE (VERB): exclude someone
Synonyms: banish, exile
Antonyms: accept, include
Example Sentence:
The rich students ostracized the shy girl for the simplest reasons as she belonged to a middle class family.

5. LANGUID (ADJECTIVE): very slow and relaxed
Synonyms: lazy, leisurely
Antonyms: energetic, hurried
Example Sentence:
Irene took pleasure in the languid attention of the hairdresser as she got her hair washed and tended.

6. JIBE (VERB): to agree
Synonyms: harmonize, conform
Antonym: differ, disagree
Example Sentence:
When john created his team, he wanted all the members to jibe together.

7. HURTLE (VERB): move at a rapid pace in a wild manner
Synonyms: plunge, charge
Antonyms: retreat, retire
Example Sentence:
Even under the captain’s expert control, the damaged ship seemed to hurtle through the bad weather.

8. HANKERING (NOUN): strong desire
Synonyms: yearning, craving
Antonyms: dislike, hatred
Example Sentence:
If you have a hankering for the best pizza in town, then you should go to Domino’s.

9. UNDULATE (VERB): move with a smooth wavelike motion
Synonyms: wobble, oscillate
Antonyms: steady, stable
Example sentence:
Because the Jemma had practiced her movements so much, she seemed to undulate on the dance floor.

10. TORRID (ADJECTIVE): extremely sweltering and dry
Synonyms: blazing, arid
Antonyms: cool, damp
Example Sentence:
The torrid temperature of Rajasthan caused the visitors to stay indoors.

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