** VOCABULARY WORDS 28.10.2017**

1. CONTORT (VERB): disfigure, distort
Synonyms: deform, writhe
Antonyms: beautify, smooth
Example Sentence:
Government is not going to contort the refugee laws.

Synonyms: alter, mutate
Antonyms: preserve, stagnate
Example Sentence:
In the play, the actor suddenly transmogrified into a monster.

3. SHODDY (ADJECTIVE):in bad shape
Synonyms: inferior, shameful
Antonyms: good, respectful
Example Sentence:
The house was in a shoddy condition.

4. INEBRIETY (NOUN): drunkenness
Synonyms: boozing, alcoholism
Antonyms: sobriety, decent
Example Sentence:
Police say he was in an advanced state of inebriety.

5. JANITOR (NOUN):person who cleans and maintains
Synonyms: attendant, custodian
Synonyms: polluter, contaminator
Example Sentence:
He is in the habit of bribing the janitor.

6. GAG (NOUN):practical joke
Synonyms: hoax, quip
Antonyms: seriousness, sincerity
Example Sentence:
The burglars gagged the home owner and tied him to a chair.

7. OPINE (VERB):think
Synonyms: say, suggest
Antonyms: calculate, measure
Example Sentence:
The reason is, I opine, that each doth wait for his neighbour to make a move.

8. EFFUSIVE (ADJECTIVE):gushing, profuse
Synonyms: lavish, exuberant
Antonyms: economical, unexcited
Example Sentence:
He lives in an effusive way.

9. EPOCHAL (ADJECTIVE):irregular, sporadic
Synonyms: occasional, periodic
Antonyms: regular, usual
Example Sentence:
Epochal decisions taken by him ruined the show.

10. VORACITY (NOUN):ravenousness
Synonyms: edacity, greed
Antonyms: generosity, kindness
Example Sentence:
His voracity for food is increasing like anything.

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