*VOCABULARY WORDS 28.06.2017**

*VOCABULARY WORDS 28.06.2017**

1. UNNERVE (VERB): upset
Synonyms: agitate, bewilder 
Antonyms: calm, comfort
Example Sentence: The news about Rahim had unnerved me.

2. BROWBEAT (VERB): castigate
Synonyms: intimidate, harass
Antonyms: aid, assist
Example Sentence: The builder browbeat the labour.

3. RECONDITE (ADJECTIVE): mysterious
Synonyms: obscure, abstruse
Antonyms: straightforward, apparent
Example Sentence: She gave me a recondite smile at the party.

4. QUIESCENT (ADJECTIVE): in a state of inactivity or dormancy
Synonyms: stagnant, inert
Antonyms: active, moving
Example Sentence: The quiescent river was looking very wide.

5. BILK (VERB): cheat
Synonyms: deceive, defraud
Antonyms: honest, give
Example Sentence: She bilked on me.

6. GESTALT (NOUN): arrangement
Synonyms: composition, structure
Antonyms: disarray, chaos
Example Sentence: This is a proper gestalt.

Synonyms: very bad, terrible
Antonyms: pleasant, superior
Example Sentence: His room is filled with lousy smell.

8. ZANY (ADJECTIVE): funny
Synonyms: campy, comical
Antonyms: serious, wise
Example Sentence: Don’t you think he is a zany fellow?

9. RENEGADE (ADJECTIVE): rebellious
Synonyms: reactionary, backsliding
Antonyms: obedient, submissive
Example Sentence: His renegade activities are increasing day by day.

10. DELPHIAN (ADJECTIVE): obscure in meaning
Synonyms: enigmatic, ambiguous
Antonyms: certain, known
Example Sentence: He handed me over a delphian prescription.

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