** VOCABULARY WORDS – 28.02.2020 **

1. FACTIOUS (ADJECTIVE): (कलहप्रिय): causing conflicts
Synonyms: warring, divisive
Antonyms: agreeing, congruent
Example Sentence:
The factitious boss turned the employees against one other.

2. FORAY (NOUN): (आक्रमण करना): an attack
Synonyms: pursuit, assault
Antonyms: regroup, retrea
Example sentence:
The troops made a surprise foray and broke the backbone of the enemy.

3. ENDEAR (VERB): (प्रिय बनाना): attract attention
Synonyms: captivate, charm
Antonyms: disconnect, repulse
Example Sentence:
If you want to endear my son, bring him chocolates.

4. FIGURATIVE (ADJECTIVE): (रूपवत): indirect
Synonyms: metaphorical, allegorical
Antonyms: literal, straight forward
Example Sentence:
The kids could not understand the figurative speech by the orator.

5. ENAMOUR (VERB): (आनंदित करना): delighted by
Synonyms: enchant, fascinate
Antonyms: hate, dislike
Example Sentence:
My brother is so enamored with cricket that he doesn’t miss a single match.

6. REPLEVIN (NOUN): (प्रत्याप्ति): case brought to court
Synonyms: accusation, dispute
Antonyms: exculpation, relaxation
Example Sentence:
Another action is replevin which is used to recover specific goods.

7. TRITE (ADJECTIVE): (घिसा-पिटा): silly
Synonyms: banal, dull
Antonyms: desirable, impressive
Example Sentence:
It is a trite remark that diamonds can be polished only by diamond dust.

8. PINNACLE (NOUN): (शिखर): top
Synonyms: apex, peak
Antonyms: bottom, base
Example Sentence:
They look down on him as from the pinnacle of the sublimest elevation.

9. OBDURATE (ADJECTIVE): (जिद्दी): stubborn
Synonyms: adamant, dogged
Antonyms: submissive, gentle
Example Sentence:
It happened because of massive and obdurate resistance to reasonable change.

10. QUALMISH (ADJECTIVE): (कष्टमय): unwell
Synonyms: uneasy, sickly
Antonyms: content, healthy
Example Sentence:
He felt extremely dizzy and qualmish

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