**VOCABULARY WORDS 27.04.2017**

1. KNAVERY (NOUN): badness
Synonyms: immorality, corruption
Antonyms: benevolence, benefit
Example sentence: Knavery is not allowed in any circumstances.

2. DELECTATION (NOUN): amusement
Synonyms: elation, enjoyment
Antonyms: depression, dislike
Example sentence: Alisha cooks pastries and cakes on her birthday for the delectation of her relatives.

3. BABEL (NOUN): a confusion of voices and other sounds
Synonyms: bedlam, clang
Antonyms: calm, peace
Example sentence: The children of Ranu filled the room with babel.

Synonyms: impatient, fractious
Antonyms: patient, good-natured
Example sentence: As per knowledge, my brother Faiz is not petulant by nature.

5. ATTICISM (NOUN): simple style
Synonyms: balance, clarity
Antonyms: imbalance, crudeness
Example sentence: There we saw the majestic Atticism and simplicity of Roman architecture.

6. DECLIVITY (NOUN): declination
Synonyms: descent, downwards
Antonyms: increase, ascent
Example sentence: It’s hard to notice the steep declivity due to the denseness of the trees behind my house.

7. DENOUEMENT (NOUN): the end result
Synonyms: culmination, finale
Antonyms: commencement, beginning
Example sentence: The play’s denouement saw the main character die tragically just before the curtain fell.

8. DEMAGOGUE (NOUN): agitating person
Synonyms: agitator, fanatic
Antonyms: pacifier, conciliator
Example sentence: He was dismissed as a radical demagogue.

9. CONVOKE (VERB): call together
Synonyms: assemble, cite
Antonyms: cancel, divide
Example sentence: Mukul sent messages to convoke a Council of Ministers.

10. DECREPIT (ADJECTIVE): broken-down
Synonyms: creaky, crippled
Antonyms: healthy, hearty
Example sentence: He gave shelter to a decrepit old man.

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