*VOCABULARY WORDS 26.06.2017**

*VOCABULARY WORDS 26.06.2017**
1. SWERVE (VERB): turn aside
Synonyms: deflect, skid
Antonyms: straighten, go direct
Example Sentence:
The bus driver swerved the bus in order to avoid the collision.
2. SOOT (NOUN): grime
Synonyms: grit, dirt
Antonyms: cleanliness, sanitation
Example Sentence:
The pillow on the bed was covered with soot.
3. DROOL (ADJECTIVE): amusing
Synonyms: humorous, entertaining
Antonyms: boring, dull
Example Sentence:
He is a drool person.
4. TOLERANCE (NOUN): fortitude
Synonyms: patience, resilience
Antonyms: intolerance, avarice
Example Sentence:
I don’t have tolerance about calling names to anyone.
5. CONCEITED (ADJECTIVE): egotistical
Synonyms: arrogant, big talking
Antonyms: diffident, humble
Example Sentence:
I hate that conceited businessman.
6. IMPUGN (VERB): criticize
Synonyms: assail, tar
Antonyms: aid, approve
Example Sentence:
He was impugned for not having returned his magazine.
7. ALLEVIATE (VERB): mitigate
Synonyms: allay, assuage
Antonyms: increase, intensify
Example Sentence:
She gave me an ointment to alleviate my pain.
8. CONTEMPORANEOUS (ADJECTIVE): happening during the same period of time
Synonyms: simultaneous, contemporary
Antonyms: different, separate
Example Sentence:
His accident and his brother’s oath taking ceremonies were contemporaneous.
Synonyms: sorrowful, gloomy
Antonyms: cheerful, joyful
Example Sentence:
He consoled the martyr’s lugubrious family.
Synonyms: cavalier, haughty
Antonyms: modest, shy
Example Sentence:
Overweening doctor lost his job.

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