Vocabulary Words – 24.09.2015

Vocabulary Words – 24.09.2015


Synonyms: adaptable, flexible

Antonyms: stiff, rigid

Example Sentence:

I wish to see society organized so that it shall be malleable to the general will.

2. ENISLE (VERB): isolate, seclude

Synonyms: cloister, insulate Antonyms: reveal, uncover

Example Sentence:

We cannot, formally, enisle foreign passengers from the rest in airport security.

3. ANTEDILUVIAN (ADJECTIVE): out-of-date; prehistoric

Synonyms: ancient, primitive Antonyms: current, recent

Example Sentence:

I never thought this fighting an antediluvian monster would be such a complicated job.

4. FLOG (VERB): whip, lash

Synonyms: castigate, spank Antonyms: compliment, protect

Example Sentence:

If I can trace a bad word to any man’s mouth, I’ll flog him till he can’t move.

5. PICKLE (NOUN): sticky situation

Synonyms: difficulty, dilemma Antonyms: solution, ease

Example Sentence:

This I had not heard, and in my pickle I went to him to impart my plans and ask advice.

6. MALLET (NOUN): bat, stick

Synonyms: hammer, business

Example Sentence:

He was arrested after hitting someone over the head with his mallet during the hockey game.

7. FLUKE (NOUN): chance occurrence

Synonyms: blessing, fortunate Antonyms: misfortune, plan

Example Sentence:

So sorry for blaming the church for encouraging discrimination against other citizens, when it was obviously a fluke!

8. UPROARIOUS (NOUN): very funny

Synonyms: hilarious, clamorous Antonyms: solemn, unfunny

Example Sentence:

The old man gulped down his uproarious emotions as well as he was able and used the most simple device.


Synonyms: green, rookie Antonyms: professional

Example Sentence:

She did fashion another sandwich of a rugged pattern, but there was a hint of the dilettante in her work.


Synonyms: arid, scorched Antonyms: moist, wet

Example Sentence:

It must be a long while since there has been rain, or it would not have been parch.

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