**VOCABULARY WORDS 24.04.2017**

1. CONTEMPORANEOUS (ADJECTIVE): happening during the same period of time
Synonyms: simultaneous, contemporary 
Antonyms: different, separate
Example Sentence: His grandfather was contemporaneous with the English.

2. COLTISH (ADJECTIVE): full of spirit
Synonyms: lively, playful
Antonyms: depressed, down
Example Sentence:He is a coltish boy I’ve ever met.

3. CLACK (VERB): noise
Synonyms: cackle, prattle
Antonyms: silence, calm
Example Sentence:The clack of Sheetal’s high heels is irritating.

4. FECUNDITY (NOUN): fruitfulness
Synonyms: creativity, inventiveness
Antonyms: barrenness, sterility
Example Sentence: The fecundity of a content developer’s imagination makes the content an exquisite work of art.

5. ENIGMA (NOUN): mystery
Synonyms: knot, perplexity
Antonyms: solution, key
Example Sentence: This story is full of enigma.

6. ENTICE (VERB): allure
Synonyms: enchant, captivate
Antonyms: disenchant, repel
Example Sentence:Shabeen enticed everybody with her mesmerizing smile.

7. ACCLIMATE (VERB): make or become adjusted, adapted
Synonyms: accustom, habituate
Antonyms: neglect, ignore
Example Sentence: Since Angelina grew up in Florida, she doubted if she would ever acclimate to New York’s weather conditions.

Synonyms: cowardly, feeble
Antonyms: capable, tireless
Example Sentence:This leader is of an effete aristocracy began to dwindle.

Synonyms: euphonic, honeyed
Antonyms: discordant, cacophonous
Example Sentence: Kavita has a mellifluous voice.

10. AESTIVAL (ADJECTIVE): pertaining to summer
Synonyms: sunny, warm
Antonyms: cold, wintery
Example Sentence: Children are on aestival holidays these days.

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