Vocabulary Words – 23.11.2016

Vocabulary Words – 23.11.2016

Synonyms: blunt, arrant
Antonyms: clothed, indefinite
Example Sentence: He expressed stark criticism regarding black-money.

2. DISTRESS (NOUN): pain
Synonyms: affliction, desolation
Antonyms: euphoria, delight
Example Sentence: Those who are in distress will get relief very soon.

3. SEVERE (ADJECTIVE): uncompromising
Synonyms: relentless, astringent
Antonyms: facile, temperate
Example Sentence: All those who have black money will face severe punishment.

4. RIGOROUSLY (ADVERB): painstakingly
Synonyms: laboriously, warily
Antonyms: inadequately, carelessly
Example Sentence: They did the job rigorously.

5. FLAW (NOUN): imperfection
Synonyms: blemish, defect
Antonyms: advantage, perfection
Example Sentence: They corrected their flaws.

6. FATALITY (NOUN): death
Synonyms: casualty, mortality
Antonyms: birth, inception
Example Sentence: The fatalities caused in the accidents must be taken as a sacrifice.

7. STATUTORY (ADJECTIVE): sanctioned
Synonyms: lawful, judicial
Antonyms: illegitimate, illicit
Example Sentence: They have violated the statutory limit.

8. REVAMP (VERB): renovate
Synonyms: overhaul, refurbish
Antonyms: destroy, ruin
Example Sentence: He revamped the organization with his policies.

9. MISHAP (NOUN): accident
Synonyms: hazard, disaster
Antonyms: boon, blessing
Example Sentence: They died in the mishap.

10. INTENSIVE (ADJECTIVE): exhaustive
Synonyms: comprehensive, thorough
Antonyms: incomprehensive, superficial
Example Sentence: Their actions require intensive introspection.


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