**VOCABULARY WORDS 23.06.2017**

**VOCABULARY WORDS 23.06.2017**

1. MALADY (NOUN): Disease
Synonyms: affliction, ailment 
Antonyms: good health, comfort
Example Sentence:
Smoking causes severe malady.

2. MAUL (VERB): Savage
Synonyms: drub, lacerate
Antonyms: protect, guard
Example Sentence:
A human could maul another person with a dagger.

3. IMPENDING (ADJECTIVE): approaching
Synonyms: forthcoming, imminent
Antonyms: gone, past
Example Sentence:
The emergency alert instructed everyone to prepare for the impending Tsunami.

4. PERSECUTE (VERB): Crucify
Synonyms: ill-treat, victimize
Antonyms: console, protect
Example Sentence:
His followers were persecuted by the authorities.

5. HEINOUS (ADJECTIVE): atrocious
Synonyms: horrifying, monstrous
Antonyms: friendly, delightful
Example Sentence:
The sleazy lawyer will represent even the most heinous criminals.

6. CAULK (VERB): secure
Synonyms: block, barricade
Antonyms: free, loosen
Example Sentence:
The livestock was caulked from the dense fog.

7. PERPETRATE (VERB): Be responsible for
Synonyms: carry out, commit
Antonyms: halt, stop
Example Sentence:
The young man decided to perpetrate a crime to show his value to the gang leader.

8. DROUGHT (NOUN): scarcity
Synonyms: dearth, lack
Antonyms: abundance, excess
Example sentence:
There is a drought of food in this village hence leading to malnutrition.

9. PESTILENT (ADJECTIVE): troublesome
Synonyms: contagious, deleterious
Antonyms: harmless, innocuous
Example Sentence:
The politicians regarded journalists as a whole as a pestilent race.

Synonyms: instinctive, real
Antonyms: intricate, artificial
Example Sentence:
Maneka is an upfront leader.

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