** VOCABULARY WORDS – 23.01.2019 **

1. ANGST (NOUN): (संताप): pain
Synonyms: affliction, desolation 
Antonyms: euphoria, delight
Example Sentence:
The employees of the Kingfisher Airlines are in angst.

2. STARK (ADJECTIVE): (कड़ा): bare
Synonyms: blunt, arrant
Antonyms: clothed, indefinite
Example Sentence:
Rishi expressed stark criticism regarding black-money.

3. DIRE (ADJECTIVE): (गंभीर): stern
Synonyms: relentless, astringent
Antonyms: facile, temperate
Example Sentence:
Anugrah was given a dire punishment.

4. CONSCIENTIOUSLY (ADVERB): (परिश्रम से): painstakingly
Synonyms: laboriously, warily
Antonyms: inadequately, carelessly
Example Sentence:
He was performing his job conscientiously.

5. FLAW (NOUN): (दोष): imperfection
Synonyms: blemish, defect
Antonyms: advantage, perfection
Example Sentence:
Having too many friends is not a character flaw, she said.

6. FATALITY (NOUN): (मृत्यु): death
Synonyms: casualty, mortality
Antonyms: birth, inception
Example Sentence:
He was broken by the fatality at his home.

7. STATUTORY (ADJECTIVE): (सांविधिक): sanctioned
Synonyms: lawful, judicial
Antonyms: illegitimate, illicit
Example Sentence:
Major Singha is on a statutory parole.

8. REMODEL (VERB): (फिर से तैयार बनाना): renovate
Synonyms: overhaul, refurbish
Antonyms: destroy, ruin
Example Sentence:
He got his house remodelled.

9. PILE-UP (NOUN): (भिड़न्त): accident
Synonyms: hazard, collision
Antonyms: boon, blessing
Example Sentence:
He met with a pile-up on the way to Kashmir.

10. OUT-AND-OUT (ADJECTIVE): (विस्तृत): exhaustive
Synonyms: comprehensive, thorough
Antonyms: incomprehensive, superficial
Example Sentence:
He was involved in out-and-out activities during his training.

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