** VOCABULARY WORDS 23.01.2018 **

1.INEVITABLY (ADVERB): certain to happen
Synonyms: necessarily, surely
Antonyms: unnecessarily, questionably
Example Sentence:
These legislators are liable for disqualification will inevitably invite legal scrutiny.

2. MALICE (NOUN): desire to harm someone
Synonyms: animosity, antipathy
Antonyms: morality, respect
Example Sentence
Regardless of the charge of political malice, the correctness of the EC’s decision will be decided on legal grounds.

3. CONTEND (VERB): struggle to difficulty
Synonyms: argue, resist
Antonyms: agree, abandon
Example Sentence:
The posts, he contended was offices of profit.

4. REMUNERATION (NOUN): money paid for work or a service
Synonyms: pay, wage
Antonyms: debt, penalty
Example Sentence:
The parliamentary secretaries would not be eligible for any remuneration or perquisites.

5. PECUNIARY (ADJECTIVE): financial, economic
Synonyms: monetary, budgeting
Antonyms: expensive, costly
Example Sentence:
The posts that are capable of yielding pecuniary gains would be office of profit.

6. ASSENT (NOUN): approval
Synonyms: acceptance, consent
Antonyms: denial, dissent
Example Sentence:
The President withheld assent to a law it passed without the LG’s nod.

7. CONTENTIOUS (adjective): controversial
Synonyms: combative, antagonistic
Antonyms: agreeable, fair
Example Sentence:
There is a contentious element in the National Medical Commission Bill 2017.

8. PAUCITY (NOUN): insufficient quantity
Synonyms: deficiency, dearth
Antonyms: sufficiency, affluence
Example Sentence:
The problem occurs due to the paucity of MBBS doctors.

Synonyms: biased, unequal
Antonyms: impartial, fair
Example Sentence:
Increasing burden of chronic diseases make health care inequitable.

10. OSTENSIBLY (ADVERB): apparently
Synonyms: evidently, officially
Antonyms: obscurely, improbably
Example Sentence:
Ostensibly the main objective of the report was to make a case for a better payroll reporting system in the country.

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