Vocabulary Words – 22.11.2016

Vocabulary Words – 22.11.2016

Note : these vocab are very important for all competition exams.

1. CUMULATIVE (ADJECTIVE): growing in effect 

Synonyms: accumulative, augmenting

Antonyms: decreasing, subtracting 

Example Sentence: His cumulative profit came under the scanner of the IT department.

2. RENEGE (VERB): go back on one’s word

Synonyms: welsh, reverse

Antonyms: stay, fulfill promise

Example Sentence: Those who renege will never be trusted by anyone.

3. VULNERABLE (ADJECTIVE): open to attack

Synonyms: liable, assailable

Antonyms: unsusceptible, guarded Example Sentence:  He was a vulnerable king.


Synonyms: counterfeit, spurious

Antonyms: original, authentic

Example Sentence: They used forged signatures to get the money.

5. CONSENSUS (NOUN): general agreement

Synonyms: consent, unanimity

Antonyms: dissension, disagreement 

Example Sentence: They reached a consensus to end the violence.

6. ACCUMULATE (VERB): gather or amass something

Synonyms: accrue, assemble

Antonyms: forfeit, disperse

Example Sentence:  They accumulated a lot of wealth.

7. CONVENTION (NOUN): agreement

Synonyms: covenant, concord

Antonyms: disagreement, discord Example Sentence: They did the job hitherto.

8. IMPLEMENT (VERB): put into action

Synonyms: enforce, execute

Antonyms: neglect, hinder Example Sentence: He implemented a lot of policies.

9. SPUR (VERB): incite

Synonyms: arouse, countenance

Antonyms: dissuade, repress Example Sentence: They spurred violence says the police.

10. PLEDGE (VERB): give word of honor

Synonyms: vouch, plight

Antonyms: disavow, falsify 

Example Sentence: The PM has pledged normalcy after 50 days of demonetization.

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