** VOCABULARY WORDS – 21.02.2019 **

1. SORDID (ADJECTIVE): disreputable (अनैतिक)
Synonyms: shameful, sleazy 
Antonyms: decent, honourable
Example Sentence:
The story paints a sordid picture of bribes and scams.

2. ABRIDGE (VERB): shorten (कम करना)
Synonyms: abbreviate, curtail
Antonyms: extend, increase
Example Sentence:
The introduction is abridged from the author’s afterword to the novel.

3. GUTTED (VERB): loot (लूटना)
Synonyms: pillage, plunder
Antonyms: protect, conserve
Example Sentence:
The temple was disgracefully gutted.

4. UNEQUIVOCAL (ADJECTIVE): unambiguous (सुस्पष्ट)
Synonyms: absolute, apparent
Antonyms: conditional, disputable
Example Sentence:
He gave me an unequivocal answer.

5. CONSONANCE (NOUN): conformity (आनुरूप्य)
Synonyms: accord, congruity
Antonyms: dissonance, incongruity
Example Sentence:
There was a consonance between conservation measures and existing agricultural practice.

6. ENVISION (VERB): visualize (कल्पना करना)
Synonyms: conceive, envisage
Antonyms: ignore, neglect
Example Sentence:
Simona envisioned the admiring glances of her new home.

7. ACCENTUATE (VERB): focus attention on (जोर दना)
Synonyms: highlight, point out
Antonyms: divert attention from, mask
Example Sentence:
Abhineet’s jacket unfortunately accentuated his paunch.

8. ACQUIESCE (VERB): accede with some reluctance (बिना विरोध के स्वीकार करना)
Synonyms: concur, conform
Antonyms: differ, disagree
Example Sentence:
Shamita acquiesced in his decision.

9. GAIETY (NOUN): happiness (प्रफुल्लता)
Synonyms: festivity, joviality
Antonyms: depression, unhappiness
Example Sentence:
The room was filled with the sudden gaiety of children’s laughter.

10. ADJURE (VERB): implore (शपथ दिलाकर कोई बात पूछना)
Synonyms: entreat, obligate
Antonyms: answer, reply
Example Sentence:
I adjure you to tell me the truth.

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