** VOCABULARY WORDS – 15.01.2020 **

1. COMBATIVENESS (NOUN): (लड़Iकुपन) eagerness to fight or argue.
Synonyms: bellicosity, militancy
Antonyms: friendliness
Example Sentence:
He is known for his combativeness and short temper.

2. EXTRAPOLATE (VERB): (बहिर्वेशन करना) guess or think of what is going to happen using information.
Synonyms: calculation, estimate
Antonyms: depression, distress
Example Sentence:
You cannot really extrapolate a trend from such a small sample.

3. PERSECUTION (NOUN): (उत्पीडन) hostile, ill treatment
Synonyms: expulsion, killing
Antonyms: happiness, help
Example Sentence:
They left the country out of fear of persecution.

4. REITERATING (VERB): (बार बार करना) repeat, say something again and again.
Synonyms: renew, repeat, restate
Antonyms: take back
Example Sentence:
She reiterated that she had never seen him before.

5. DISPARAGE (VERB): (उपेक्षा करना) criticize in a way that shows no respect.
Synonyms: decry, scorn, derogate
Antonyms: admire, exalt, approve
Example Sentence:
He spoke disparagingly of his political opponent.

6. ACCENTUATES (VERB): (जोर देना) make more noticeable or prominent.
Synonyms: emphasize, highlight
Antonyms: camouflage, obscure, mask
Example Sentence:
The new policy only serves to accentuate the inadequacy of help for the homeless.

7. INTENT (NOUN/ADJECTIVE): (इरादा) intention or purpose, determined to so something.
Synonyms: decided, deep
Antonyms: flexible, indefinite
Example Sentence:
The government was intent on achieving greater efficiency.

8. MARRED (VERB): (क्षति) spoil, ruin, the quality or appearance.
Synonyms: blight, bruise
Antonyms: create, beautify
Example Sentence:
Violence marred a number of New Year Celebrations.

9. LEVERAGED (VERB): (उत्तोलन) action or advantage of using a lever
Synonyms: derisive, mocking
Antonyms: believing, hopeful
Example Sentence:
Using ropes and wooden poles for leverage, they hauls sacks of cement.

10. STRUNG (VERB): (सख्त) hang (something) so that it stretches in a long line.
Synonyms: accommodate, adapt
Antonyms: break, destroy
Example Sentence:
He collected stones with holes in them and strung them on a strong cord.

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