** VOCABULARY WORDS – 13.08.2019 **

1. SINGULARLY (ADVERB): (अकेले) notably
Synonyms: uniquely, remarkably 
Antonyms: together, commonly
Example Sentence:
This was a singularly done task.

2. CLAMOUR (NOUN): (कोलाहल) upheaval
Synonyms: tumult, outcry
Antonyms: calm, peace
Example Sentence:
A news channel broadcast an ongoing clamour in parliament.

3. DETERMINATION (NOUN): (दृढ़ संकल्प) perseverance
Synonyms: steadfastness, dedication
Antonyms: ignorance, indecision
Example Sentence:
I saw a great determination in him.

4. PERTINENT (ADJECTIVE): (उचित) relevant
Synonyms: admissible, germane
Antonyms: improper, inappropriate
Example Sentence:
Add the pertinent topics that covers the entire syllabus.

5. FLAG (VERB): (मंद होना) abate
Synonyms: fade, sag
Antonyms: grow, rise
Example Sentence:
This lotion will definitely flag your pain.

6. BOTTLENECK (NOUN): (बाधा) obstacle
Synonyms: barrier, congestion
Antonyms: aid, assistance
Example Sentence:
He came passing through many bottlenecks.

7. LINGER (VERB): (विलम्ब या देरी करना) loiter
Synonyms: drift, idle
Antonyms: advance, finish
Example Sentence:
Don’t linger on the same topic.

8. CORRODE (VERB): (बिगाडना) waste
Synonyms: erode, deteriorate
Antonyms: build, construct
Example Sentence:
They corroded the newly made painting.

9. CORROSIVE (ADJECTIVE): (संक्षारक) acerbic
Synonyms: caustic, vitriolic
Antonyms: gentle, nice
Example Sentence:
Sodium and Sulphur are highly corrosive elements.

10. COUNTERMAND (VERB): (प्रत्यादिष्ट करना) cancel a command
Synonyms: reverse, override
Antonyms: allow, approve
Example Sentence:
I can’t countermand her orders.

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