** VOCABULARY WORDS – 11.01.2019 **

1. DAUB (VERB): (भद्दा करना): deface
Synonyms: smear, smudge 
Antonyms: cleanse, purify
Example Sentence:
The criminal daubed the victim’s face.

2. YEARNING (NOUN): (इच्छा): desire
Synonyms: aspiration, craving
Antonyms: apathy, distaste
Example Sentence:
I have a yearning to crack the UPSC examination.

3. INCUR (VERB): (झेलना): bring upon oneself
Synonyms: obtain, acquire
Antonyms: forfeit, lose
Example Sentence:
Because she did not pay her taxes on time, the business owner will incur a penalty this tax year.

4. GUSHING (ADJECTIVE): (फुहारा छोड़ना): flowing
Synonyms: spouting, pouring out
Antonyms: stagnant, frozen
Example Sentence:
Abuses were gushing from his mouth like hell.

5. PERISH (VERB): (नष्ट हो जाना): decay
Synonyms: rot, expire
Antonyms: improve, rise
Example Sentence:
This chemical will eventually perish sometime today.

6. FOIST (VERB): (अधिरोपित करना): force upon
Synonyms: impose, enforce
Antonyms: overlook, neglect
Example Sentence:
She foisted the unnecessary norms over him.

7. MEEK (ADJECTIVE): (विनयपूर्ण): shy
Synonyms: compliant, docile
Antonyms: immodest, intractable
Example Sentence:
She is a meek girl and has always been like that.

8. PREEMINENT (ADJECTIVE): (पूर्वप्रतिष्ठित): distinguished
Synonyms: peerless, renowned
Antonyms: unimportant, insignificant
Example Sentence:
He is a preeminent scientist.

9. ARBITRARINESS (NOUN): (ऐच्छिकता): bigotry
Synonyms: extremism, contumacy
Antonyms: calmness, peacefulness
Example Sentence:
Education freed us from the orders and arbitrariness of individuals.

10. DEBILITATE:(VERB): (कमज़ोर बनाना): incapacitate
Synonyms: attenuate, eviscerate
Antonyms: strengthen, invigorate
Example Sentence:
Taking hot drinks, habitually, tends to debilitate our organs.

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