** VOCABULARY WORDS – 10.01.2019 **

1. ELUSIVE (ADJECTIVE): (भ्रांतिजनक): evasive
Synonyms: illusory, puzzling 
Antonyms: intelligible, understandable
Example Sentence:
The animal control officer could not catch the elusive dog.

2. SMUG (ADJECTIVE): (अपने ही में प्रसन्न): complacent
Synonyms: self-satisfied, pleased with oneself
Antonyms: humble, modest
Example Sentence:
After scoring a touchdown, the smug player did his celebratory dance.

3. SHRILL (NOUN): (कर्णभेदी): deafening
Synonyms: discordant, noisy
Antonyms: calm, low
Example Sentence:
The frightened girl’s voice was shrill.

4. IMPUTATION (NOUN): (आरोप): allegation
Synonyms: accusation, insinuation
Antonyms: exculpation, commendation
Example Sentence:
The child’s imputation that his brother had hidden his toys was incorrect.

5. WARRING (ADJECTIVE): belligerent
Synonyms: battling, fighting
Antonyms: agreeable, peaceful
Example Sentence:
She hurried from between the two warring factions and hugged her.

6. INHIBIT (ADVERB): (बाधा डालना): constrain
Synonyms: hinder, obstruct
Antonyms: encourage, facilitate
Example Sentence:
You shouldn’t allow fear of failure to inhibit you.

7. SANITISE (VERB): (अच्छी तरह से सफ़ाई करना): clean
Synonyms: disinfect, purify
Antonyms: adulterate, dirty
Example Sentence:
It is a good food safety practice to wash and sanitize your cutting board.

8. SLANT (NOUN): (दृष्टिकोण): point of view
Synonyms: standpoint, view
Antonyms: perusal, scrutiny
Example Sentence:
My slant about his personality is very positive.

9. FEND (VERB): (रक्षा करना): defend
Synonyms: guard, protect
Antonyms: lay bare, endanger
Example Sentence:
Do not try to fend him.

10. TAPER OFF (VERB): abate
Synonyms: die out, diminish
Antonyms: increase, go up
Example Sentence:
The reactions soon tapered off.

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