Vocabulary Words – 09.12.2016

Vocabulary Words – 09.12.2016

1. CEREMONIOUS (ADJECTIVE): an excess of formality

Synonyms: ritual, formal

Antonyms: informal, unobserved

Example Sentence: A friend’s manners should not be ceremonious.

2. CONFIDANT (NOUN): one who is entrusted with a secret

Synonyms: crony, familiar

Antonyms: enemy, foe

Example Sentence: She had chosen me for her confidant and I learned all about her quarrels with her brother.


3. CONTINUAL (ADJECTIVE): with occasional breaks

Synonyms: frequent, interminable

Antonyms: completed, infrequent

Example Sentence: My dog keeps up a continual barking at night.


4. BARBARITY (NOUN): cruelty

Synonyms: crudity, savagery

Antonyms: kindness, niceness

Example Sentence: Great conquerors have committed several acts of barbarity.


5. PITEOUS (ADJECTIVE): miserable

Synonyms: pathetic, dolorous

Antonyms: cheerful, happy

Example Sentence: Her piteous cry attracted a big crowd.


6. EFFICACIOUS (ADJECTIVE): sure to produce the desired effect

Synonyms: efficient, productive

Antonyms: weak, useless

Example Sentence: ‘Anacin’ proves efficacious in all types of pain.



Synonyms: repulsive, abhorrent
Antonyms: agreeable, decent

Example Sentence: The people at my table were so obnoxious, I had to leave.


8. CALLOUS (ADJECTIVE): Emotionally hardened

Synonyms: insensitive, unbending

Antonyms: concerned, sensitive

Example Sentence: In many cases, it is a gradual hardening process on both sides, the owner growing more and more cruel, as the servant more and more callous.



Synonyms: quarrelsome, critical

Antonyms: pleasant, peaceful

Example Sentence: She made it more difficult for him by adopting a cantankerous tone.


10. SPLURGE (VERB): spend lavishly

Synonyms: binge, fling

Antonyms: hoard, save

Example Sentence: They splurged on a trip to Europe.


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