VOCABULARY WORDS :- 09-09-2020

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VOCABULARY WORDS :- 09-09-2020
1. REVEL (VERB): (आनंद लेना): celebrate
Synonyms: make merry, party
Antonyms: mourn
Example Sentence:
They spent the evening revelling with their guests.
2. CONTRACTION (NOUN): (संकुचन): tightening
Synonyms: tensing, flexing
Antonyms: relaxation
Example Sentence:
Neurons control the contraction of muscles.
3. OMINOUS (ADJECTIVE): (अमंगल): threatening
Synonyms: menacing, baleful
Antonyms: auspicious
Example Sentence:
There were ominous dark clouds gathering overhead.
4. GENEROSITY (NOUN): (उदारता): liberality
Synonyms: magnanimity
Antonyms: meanness
Example Sentence:
I was overwhelmed by the generosity of friends and neighbours.
5. ENSUING (ADJECTIVE): (आगामी): subsequent
Synonyms: following, succeeding
Antonyms: previous
Example Sentence:
The theory was developed subsequent to the earthquake of 1906.
6. ASSAULT (NOUN): (हमला): attack
Synonyms: strike, onslaught
Antonyms: defense
Example Sentence:
Troops began an assault on the city.
7. SURGE (NOUN): (वृद्धि): rise
Synonyms: growth, upswing
Antonyms: deflate
Example Sentence:
The firm predicted a 20% surge in sales.
8. REVAMP (VERB): (सुधार करना): renovate
Synonyms: redecorate, refurbish
Antonyms: damage
Example Sentence:
An attempt was made to revamp the museum’s image.
9. NEGLIGIBLE (ADJECTIVE): (नगण्य): trivial
Synonyms: trifling, insignificant
Antonyms: significant
Example Sentence:
He said that the risks were negligible.
10. PROSPECT (NOUN): (संभावना): view
Synonyms: vista, perspective
Antonyms: viewlessness
Example Sentence:
A viewpoint commanding a magnificent prospect of the estuary.
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