** VOCABULARY WORDS – 09.01.2020 **

1. UPSURGE (NOUN): (चढाव) an upward surge in the strength or quantity of something; an increase.
Synonyms: boom, upturn, improvement
Antonyms: downturn, decline
Example Sentence:
This is an upsurge in vandalism and violent crime.

2. RETRIEVE (VERB):(पुनः प्राप्त करना) get or bring (something) back from somewhere.
Synonyms: recover, salvage
Antonyms: break, endanger, destroy
Example Sentence:
I was sent to retrieve the balls from his garden.

3. SHRIFT (NOUN): (पापमोचन) confession, especially to a priest.
Synonyms: absolution, remorse
Antonyms: happiness, joy
Example Sentence:
He lost his place, his money, and at last came to beg for shrift and punishment.

4. CLAPTRAP (NOUN): (दिखावटी) absurd or nonsensical talk or ideas.
Synonyms: bombast, bunk
Antonyms: sense, feel
Example Sentence:
Such sentiments are just pious claptrap.

5. PETITION (NOUN): (प्रार्थना) a formal written request,
Synonyms: application, prayer
Antonyms: answer, demand
Example Sentence:
She was asked to sign a petition against plans to build on the local playing fields.

6. DICHOTOMY (NOUN): (विरोधाभास)a division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed
Synonyms: disunion, difference
Antonyms: sameness, similarity
Example Sentence:
The nature of the universe is proved too subtle for this dichotomy.

7. TURF (VERB): (हटाना) force (someone) to leave somewhere.
Synonyms: remove, eject
Antonyms: unmask, cleanness
Example Sentence:
They were turfed off the bus.

8. SWAY (NOUN): (बोलबाला) control or influence (a person or course of action).
Synonyms: influence, affect, bias
Antonyms: inefficiency, weakness
Example Sentence:
He’s easily swayed by other people.

9. DISINTER (VERB): (खोदकर निकालना) discover (something that is well hidden).
Synonyms: exhume, unearth, expose
Antonyms: conceal, refrain
Example Sentence:
He has disinterred an important collection of writings.

10.COW(VERB): (डराना) an unpleasant person or thing.
Synonyms: terrorize, intimidate
Antonyms: soothe, comfort
Example Sentence:
Then the cow shook her foot to free it and the skin rattled.

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