** VOCABULARY WORDS – 09.01.2019 **

1. RECIDIVISM (NOUN): (गिरावट) Lapse
Synonyms: backsliding, decline
Antonyms: ascent, increase
Example Sentence:
Recent trends show no recidivism towards the prices of Jackfruit.

2. BOLSTER (VERB): (सहायता देना) Help
Synonyms: aid, strengthen
Antonyms: block, halt
Example Sentence:
Ankit bolstered his friend in the market.

3. ADVENT (NOUN): (आगमन) Onset
Synonyms: arrival, coming
Antonyms: departure, leaving
Example Sentence:
The movie became interesting after the advent of Ashoka.

4. FELICITOUS (ADJECTIVE): (धन्य) Apropos
Synonyms: appropriate, propitious
Antonyms: unsuitable, infelicitous
Example Sentence:
Vaibhavi gave me a felicitous amount of bread.

5. COHERENCE (NOUN): (सम्बद्धता) Agreement
Synonyms: solidarity, congruity
Antonyms: discord, incoherence
Example Sentence:
Marriage is a beautiful coherence invisibly signed by both partners.

6. INSOLENCE (VERB): (ढिठाई) Arrogance
Synonyms: audacity, brazenness
Antonyms: modesty, politeness
Example Sentence:
I can’t stand your insolence anymore.

7. PERSECUTE (VERB): (सताना) ill treat
Synonyms: maltreat, oppress
Antonyms: please, delight
Example Sentence:
That doctor always persecutes the poor patients.

8. EXPOUND (VERB): (व्याख्या करना) Expatiate
Synonyms: explain, interpret
Antonyms: abbreviate, abridge
Example Sentence:
Kindly expound this question once again.

9. RECRIMINATIONS (NOUN): (परस्पर दोषारोपण) Allegation
Synonyms: denunciation, censure
Antonyms: approval, commendation
Example Sentence:
It is her tough phase, full of recriminations.

10. LIBELOUS (ADJECTIVE): (अपमानजनक) Aspersive
Synonyms: backbiting, calumniatory
Antonyms: complimentary, praising
Example Sentence:
I refrain from making libelous remarks over anyone.

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