Vocabulary Words – 06.12.2016

Vocabulary Words – 06.12.2016


1. NOTION (NOUN): Idea

Synonyms: belief, assumption

Antonyms: reality, actuality

Example Sentence: I will give you some notion of how it is done.


2. ARTICULATE (VERB): Enunciate

Synonyms: express, pronounce

Antonyms: conceal, hide

Example Sentence: The interviewer asked Ravish to articulate his potential contributions to the company.


3. DISSENTER (NOUN): Dissident

Synonyms: protester

Antonyms: believer, conformer

Example Sentence: Anam’s father was a rigid dissenter.


4. RECKON (VERB): Calculate

Synonyms: surmise, approximate

Antonyms: neglect, ignore

Example Sentence: Garima was unable to reckon many of the stars.


5. RENDER (VERB): Deliver

Synonyms: give, distribute

Antonyms: withhold, keep

Example Sentence: The five-star hotel render great services.



Synonyms: oppressed, wronged

Antonyms: comforted, pleased

Example Sentence: The guity was punished by the aggrieved party.


7. CONGREGATE (VERB): Assemble
Synonyms: collect, gather

Antonyms: disperse, distribute

Example Sentence: People congregate in cold weather around a burning coal seam and enjoy the warmth.


8. ALLEGIANCE (NOUN): loyalty

Synonyms: dedication, adherence

Antonyms: apathy, dishonor

Example Sentence: You will only be granted the refuge, by swearing allegiance to us.


9. LOTSA (ADJECTIVE): plenty

Synonyms: ample, great

Antonyms: scant, little

Example Sentence: You need to do a lotsa hard work.


10. INFRINGE (VERB): Breach

Synonyms: contravene, disobey

Antonyms: obey, comply

Example Sentence: The policeman’s entry into Tarun’s home without a warrant did infringe upon his rights as a citizen.


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