** VOCABULARY WORDS – 06.08.2019 **

1. TURMOIL (NOUN): chaos:(खलबली)
Synonyms: turbulence, ferment 
Antonyms: contentment, tranquility
Example Sentence:
There was widespread turmoil in the city.

2. RIFT (NOUN): a flaw, fault:(मनमुटाव)
Synonyms: breach, fissure
Antonyms: closure, agreement
Example Sentence:
It is a great misfortune that an internal rift has moved inexorably towards a full-blown crisis.

3. INEXORABLY (ADVERB): in a way that is impossible to stop:(अनवरत रूप से)
Synonyms: ferociously, atrociously
Antonyms: gently, humanely
Example Sentence:
The public is enraged by the inexorable rise in petroleum prices.

4. DISSENSION (NOUN): disagreement that leads to discord:(मतभेद)
Synonyms: controversy, friction
Antonyms: harmony, conformity
Example Sentence:
The SC has exposed an unprecedented level of dissension.

5. LAX (ADJECTIVE): careless:(शिथिलीकरण)
Synonyms: negligent, derelict
Antonyms: strict, careful
Example Sentence:
One of the problems is lax security for airport personnel

6. OMINOUS (ADJECTIVE): giving the worrying impression:(अनिष्टसूचक)
Synonyms: apocalyptic, baleful
Antonyms: bright, hopeful
Example Sentence:
A suggestion that is being read by some as an ominous reference to an unknown external hand.

7. INHERENTLY (ADVERB): in characteristics way:(अंतरनिहीत रूप से)
Synonyms: naturally, genetically
Antonyms: unusually, affectedly
Example Sentence:
The inherently dangerous nature of the bull-taming event is a major concern.

8. POSTERITY (NOUN): all future generation of people:(भावी पीढ़ी)
Synonyms: progeny, lineage
Antonyms: parent, past
Example Sentence:
This incident is regarded by posterity as an aberration rather than a precedent.

9. INTROSPECTION (NOUN): the examination of one’s own mental processes.:(आत्मविश्लेषण)
Synonyms: contemplation, reflection
Antonyms: ignorance, disregard
Example Sentence:
It is a moment for collective introspection.

10. DANK (ADJECTIVE): moist:(सीला)
Synonyms: clammy, muggy
Antonyms: parched, dry
Example Sentence:
The kitchen was very dank.

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