** VOCABULARY WORDS – 06.02.2019 **

1. ABAFT (ADVERB): to the rear (पीछे)
Synonyms: astern, behind
Antonyms: front, ahead
Example Sentence:
The passengers moved abaft of the ship so as to escape the fire in the front of the ship.

2. PERILOUS (ADJECTIVE): dangerous (ख़तरनाक)
Synonyms: treacherous, precarious
Antonyms: safe, secure
Example Sentence:
It is perilous to convict on his evidence.

3. SUFFICE (VERB): satisfy (तृप्त करना)
Synonyms: content, fulfil
Antonyms: dissatisfy, displease
Example Sentence:
Since I only have two dollars left in my pocket, this amount can’t suffice my needs.

4. ELUSIVE (ADJECTIVE): evasive (भटकाने वाला)
Synonyms: tricky, volatile
Antonyms: stable, firm
Example Sentence:
Success will become ever more elusive.

5. INTELLE (ADJECTIVE): theoretical (अनुमानित)
Synonyms: assumed, analytical
Antonyms: practical, realistic
Example Sentence:
Ravita gave an example of an intelle situation.

6. SCALLOP (VERB): crumple (कंगूरे के आकार में काटना)
Synonyms: pucker, rumple
Antonyms: flatten, smooth
Example Sentence:
Amit scalloped the paper bag.

7. ABORT (VERB): halt (रद्द करना)
Synonyms: cut off, break off
Antonyms: begin, start
Example Sentence:
The commander instructed them to abort the mission.

8. GLITCH (NOUN): error (दोष)
Synonyms: flaw, malfunction
Antonyms: perfection, excellence
Example Sentence:
The glitch in your computer system can be fixed easily.

9. BOUNTY (NOUN): gift (इनाम)
Synonyms: prize, reward
Antonyms: penalty, punishment
Example Sentence:
She was given a bounty in her marriage.

10. KEEL (VERB): capsize (उलट जाना)
Synonyms: fall, drop
Antonyms: increase, rise
Example Sentence:
It’s going to take more wind to make this boat keel over.

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