** VOCABULARY WORDS 05.12.2018 **

1. CABOODLE (NOUN): collection of something:(लाट)
Synonyms: assemblage, chunk
Antonyms: individual, one
Example Sentence:
She has no use for the whole caboodle.

2. CACHET (NOUN): prestige:(यश)
Synonyms: status, stature
Antonyms: unimportance, obscurity
Example Sentence:
He deserves to be given cachet because he is a successful businessman.

3. VITUPERATE (VERB): criticize harshly:(घोर निन्दा करना)
Synonyms: abuse, accuse
Antonyms: honor, praise
Example Sentence:
We shouldn’t vituperate anyone without any proper information.

4. CALISTHENICS (NOUN): the practice of exercises:(व्यायाम)
Synonyms: activity, operation
Antonyms: cessation, idleness
Example Sentence:
Calisthenics is recommended to relax the muscles before a run.

5. BAROQUE (ADJECTIVE): decorative:(विचित्र)
Synonyms: florid, gilt
Antonyms: plain, undecorated
Example Sentence:
The baroque picture frame was hanging round the corners.

6. VERBIAGE (NOUN): An excess of words for the purpose:(शब्दाडंबर)
Synonyms: repetition, wordiness
Antonyms: conciseness, briefness
Example Sentence:
The basic idea here, despite all the verbiage, is simple.

7. TIRADE (NOUN): a speech of violent denunciation:(आक्षेप)
Synonyms: abuse, outburst
Antonyms: compliment, harmony
Example Sentence:
The deputy followed him, indulging in a tirade of most abusive language.

8. VOCIFEROUS (ADJECTIVE): conspicuously and offensively loud:(कोलाहलपूर्ण)
Synonyms: boisterous, clamorous
Antonyms: silent, quiet
Example Sentence:
My vociferous room didn’t allow me to sleep.

9. WILY (ADJECTIVE): marked by skill in deception:(धूर्त)
Synonyms: crafty, clever
Antonyms: frank, honest
Example Sentence:
He is too wily for the police to catch him.

10. CASTIGATION (NOUN): punishment:(दंड)
Synonyms: chastisement, penalty
Antonyms: pardon, forgiveness
Example Sentence:
Nature has given her a severe castigation.

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