Vocabulary Words – 05.12.2016

Vocabulary Words – 05.12.2016
1. MERELY (ADVERB): Slightly
Synonyms: only, simply
Antonyms: indefinitely, difficultly
Example Sentence: Megha merely wanted to help you.

2. EMANATE (VERB): Emerge
Synonyms: flow, pour
Antonyms: conceal, hold
Example Sentence: Happiness seemed to emanate from Mandy on her wedding day.

3. DUCAT (NOUN): Accrediation
Synonyms: credential, license
Antonyms: prohibition, refusal
Example Sentence: His New Year’s presents were reckoned by the company at 15,000 ducats.

4. DOCTRINE (NOUN): Opinion
Synonyms: belief, concept
Antonyms: ambiguity, disbelief
Example Sentence: During the War, the peace was maintained based on a doctrine called Mutual understanding.

5. ACCEDE (VERB): Accept
Synonyms: endorse, allow
Antonyms: decline, deny
Example Sentence: Do not accede too readily to Mary’s demands or she will think you are a wimp.

6. MAGNITUDE (NOUN): Significance
Synonyms: importance, substance
Antonyms: insignificant, triviality
Example Sentence: The magnitude of this accomplishment is too difficult to express.

7. PURPORT (VERB): Connotation
Synonyms: meaningful, acceptation
Antonyms: meaningless,insignificance
Example Sentence: The whole purport of Ravi’s remarks was evidently to exalt Vijay.

Synonyms: morsel, essence
Antonyms: exterority, periphery
Example Sentence: The kernel which was planted in the field, was sound enough .

9. EXHIBIT (NOUN): Viewing
Synonyms: display, model
Antonyms: hiding, cover
Example Sentence: Geeta should apparently exhibit some degree of intelligence.

Synonyms: resound, recoil
Antonyms: quieten, shush



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