** VOCABULARY WORDS 04.12.2018 **

1. INDICT (VERB): accuse:(दोष लगाना)
Synonyms: charge, impeach
Antonyms: absolve, acquit
Example sentence:
He was later indicted on corruption charges.

2. SUCCINCT (ADJECTIVE): brief:(संक्षिप्त)
Synonyms: terse, concise
Antonyms: lengthy, wordy
Example sentence:
She admitted that the ideal summary is succinct and to the point.

3. INTACT (ADJECTIVE): undamaged:(अविकल)
Synonyms: flawless, unharmed
Antonyms: flawed, harmed
Example sentence:
The Council needs to remain intact.

4. ABATE (VERB): decrease:(घटाना)
Synonyms: lessen, diminish
Antonyms: extend, expand
Example sentence:
As the storm abates you can leave.

5. RUMMAGE (VERB): ransack:(खोजना)
Synonyms: forage, scour
Antonyms: organize, systematize
Example sentence:
Let Sagar rummage around inside it and find all those treasures himself.

6. ENTENTE (NOUN): agreement:(सन्धि)
Synonyms: accord, deal
Antonyms: misunderstanding, disagreement
Example sentence:
They favoured an Anglo-French entente.

7. EDACIOUS (ADJECTIVE): voracious:(पेटू)
Synonyms: devouring, esurient
Antonyms: quenched, satisfied
Example sentence:
Since I am a edacious reader, I often read two or three books a day.

8. CHAGRIN (NOUN): strong feeling of embarrassment:(सकपकाहट)
Synonyms: humiliation, mortification
Antonyms: happiness, satisfaction
Example sentence:
To her chagrin, the party ended just as she arrived.

9. CONSECRATE (VERB): hold in high religious regard:(प्रतिष्ठित करना)
Synonyms: sanctify, ordain
Antonyms: condemn, desecrate
Example sentence:
The priests will consecrate the temple as a house of worship.

10. DASTARDLY (ADJECTIVE): contemptible:(नीच)
Synonyms: despicable, underhanded
Antonyms: honourable, respectable
Example sentence:
I describe the killing as a dastardly act.

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