**VOCABULARY WORDS 04.05.2018 **
1. SNITCH (VERB): (प्रकट करना) reveal
Synonyms: divulge, evince
Antonyms: conceal, suppress
Example Sentence:
Today Akshima is going to snitch her secret.
2. HUSTLER (NOUN): (अपराधी व्यक्ति) criminal
Synonyms: desperado, felon
Antonyms: police, law
Example Sentence:
He is the denounced hustler of this locality.
3. ASTRAY (ADVERB): (गुमराह, भूला-भटका) afield
Synonyms: adrift, off target
Antonyms: stable, anchored
Example Sentence:
The gunman claimed that the shots had gone astray.
4. DESPOTISM (NOUN): (तानाशाही) absolute power
Synonyms: autocracy, dictatorship
Antonyms: democracy, equalitarianism
Example Sentence:
After their generations living under despotism, citizens were happy to see a kind emperor.
5. HOODWINK (VERB): (छलना) to deceive someone
Synonyms: mislead, swindle
Antonyms: support, safeguard
Example Sentence:
Insurance deals often hoodwink customers by making hollow promises.
6. DAINTY (ADJECTIVE): (सूक्ष्म) delicately small and pretty
Synonyms: petite, cute
Antonyms: ugly, repulsive
Example Sentence:
The puppy’s dainty nose looked very cute, convincing everybody’s to love it.
7. ABLUTION (NOUN): (स्नान, मज्जन) the act of washing
Synonyms: cleansing, decontamination
Antonyms: contamination, pollution
Example Sentence:
Mina performed the ablution of the wound and applied some disinfectant to avoid further infection.
8. AMBLE (VERB): (टहलना) to walk casually
Synonyms: stroll, wander
Antonyms: rush, dash
Example Sentence:
Rashmi rather ambled through the halls than attend the session.
9. COVET (VERB): (ललचाना) to greatly desire something you lack
Synonyms: crave, fancy to
Antonyms: abjure, hate
Example Sentence:
Vikram tends to covet quality time with his family.
10. RECONNOITER (VERB): (खोजना) to survey a place or situation for planning purposes
Synonyms: inspect, examine
Antonyms: ignore, overlook
Example Sentence:
One should constantly reconnoiter one’s enemy’s movements.
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