**VOCABULARY WORDS 03.05.2018 **

1. DEMURE (ADJECTIVE): (संकोची) Reserved
Synonyms: Timid, Reticent
Antonyms: Bold, Brave
Example Sentence:
Swastika is too outgoing for anyone to ever accuse her of being demure.

2. DEFILE (VERB): (मैला कर देना) To make impure or dirty
Synonyms: Contaminate, Degrade
Antonyms: Cleanse, Upgrade
Example Sentence:
Everybody knows smoking weed defiles one’s body.

3. SIEGE (VERB): (परेशान करना) Harass
Synonyms: Beset, Badger
Antonyms: Aid, Assist
Example Sentence:
They was sieging other students over new stationery.

4. PERUSE (VERB): (अवलोकन करना) Examine
Synonyms: Scrutinize, Inspect
Antonyms: Ignore, Overlook
Example Sentence:
The case history was being perused by the FBI.

5. ANALYTICAL (ADJECTIVE): (विश्लेषणात्मक) Logical
Synonyms: Rational, Level Headed
Antonyms: Careless, Thoughtless
Example Sentence:
Mathur’s approach is very analytical.

6. CRIMP (VERB): (सिकोड़ना) Fold
Synonyms: Crinkle, Wrinkle
Antonyms: Smooth, Straighten
Example Sentence:
Don’t crimp the pages of my notebook.

7. DIRE (ADJECTIVE): (भयानक) Terrible
Synonyms: Dreadful, Awful
Antonyms: Good, Mild
Example Sentence:
The situation of draught has become dire.

8. SURGE (NOUN): (वृद्धि) Growth
Synonyms: Deluge, Upsurge
Antonyms: decline, decrease
Example Sentence:
Sudden surge was seen in dollar in the stock exchange.

9. NEFARIOUS (ADJECTIVE): (अति दुष्ट,कुटिल) Very Evil And Wicked
Synonyms: Sinful, Vicious
Antonyms: Kind, Pleasing
Example sentence:
To call that new students names, was not only mean, but nefarious.

10. PLEBEIAN (NOUN): (सर्व साधारण) Not worthy of the upper classes.
Synonyms: Mediocre, Ordinary
Antonyms: Extraordinary, Aristocratic
Example Sentence:
My spoiled cousins called the restaurant a plebeian place.

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