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** VOCABULARY WORDS 21.08.2018 ** —————————————— 1. BERSERK (ADJECTIVE): Insane : (निडर) Synonyms: crazed, maniacal Antonyms: rational, sensible Example Sentence: Army went berserk with an arsenal of guns. 2. DORMANT (ADJECTIVE): Asleep : (निष्क्रिय) Synonyms: comatose, sleeping Antonyms: active, wakeful Example Sentence: Why do you look so dormant all the time? 3. DIFFIDENT (ADJECTIVE): Meek


** VOCABULARY WORDS 20.08.2018 ** —————————————— 1. PLEDGE (NOUN): oath : (प्रतिज्ञा) Synonyms: promise, vow  Antonyms: breach, break Example Sentence: The UNFCCC underlined the fulfilment of national pledges related to carbon emission. 2. INADEQUATE (ADJECTIVE): lacking the quality : (अपर्याप्त) Synonyms: deficient, meager Antonyms: abundant, enough Example Sentence: The agreement would be inadequate to keep


** VOCABULARY WORDS 18.08.2018 ** —————————————— 1. APOGEE (NOUN): Climax: (चरमोत्कर्ष) Synonyms: apex, capstone  Antonyms: anticlimax, base Example Sentence: As his reputation reached its apogee, he began to earn a great deal. 2. SUBSUME (VERB): Incorporate: (किसी नियम के अंतर्गत करना) Synonyms: involve, contain Antonyms: exclude, preclude Example Sentence: Your personality has subsumed beneath him.


** VOCABULARY WORDS 16.08.2018 ** —————————————— 1. UPBEAT (ADJECTIVE): buoyant (उत्साहित) Synonyms: happy, cheery Antonyms: depressed, discouraged Example Sentence: He is a very upbeat person. 2. SPUR (NOUN): incitement (प्रेरणा) Synonyms: catalyst, excitant Antonyms: deterrent, hindrance Example Sentence: Redundancy is the spur for many to embark on new careers. 3. RELUCTANT (ADJECTIVE): unwilling (अनिच्छुक) Synonyms:


** VOCABULARY WORDS 14.08.2018 ** —————————————— 1. DETER (VERB): stop (रोकना) Synonyms: prevent, halt  Antonyms: encourage, comfort Example Sentence: I am yearning for waterballs. 2. JABBER (VERB): babble (गपशप करना) Synonyms: chatter, gab Antonyms: be silent, be quiet Example Sentence: She likes to jabber a lot. 3. UTOPIA (NOUN): bliss (आदर्शलोक) Synonyms: paradise, ideal place


** VOCABULARY WORDS 13.08.2018 ** —————————————— 1. HEGEMONY (NOUN): (नायकत्व): controlling power or influence over others Synonyms: dominance, dominion Antonyms: impotency, weakness Example Sentence: Both America and China are trying for hegemony in Asia. 2. SUFFICE (VERB): (पर्याप्त होना): be enough Synonyms: satisfy, avail Antonyms: displease, dissatisfy Example Sentence: Simple mediocrity cannot suffice them. 3.


** VOCABULARY WORDS 11.08.2018 ** —————————————— 1. ANOMALY (VERB): oddity (विषमता) Synonyms: peculiarity, abnormality Antonyms: regularity, normality Example Sentence: There are a number of anomalies in your plan. 2. VESTIGE (NOUN): sign (अवशेष) Synonyms: remnant, residue Antonyms: whole, core Example Sentence: The new nation state law in Israel is the vestige of colonialism. 3. OBFUSCATION


** VOCABULARY WORDS 10.08.2018 ** —————————————— 1. INVEIGLING (ADJECTIVE): (मनोहर): Alluring Synonyms: attracting, captivating  Antonyms: repulsive, repellent Example Sentence: The picture was quite inveigling. 2. AGHAST (ADJECTIVE): (भौचक्का): Appalled Synonyms: awestruck, agog Antonyms: unsurprised, composed Example Sentence: She was aghast at his question. 3. CONDOLENCE (NOUN): (शोक/ सहानुभूति): sympathy Synonyms: compassion, consolation Antonyms: brutality, harshness


** VOCABULARY WORDS 08.08.2018 ** —————————————— 1. DOYEN (NOUN): (दल के उच्च सदस्य): legislator Synonyms: principal, authority  Antonyms: pupil, student Example Sentence: Anu is a doyen of this organisation. 2. DEVIOUS (ADJECTIVE): (कपटपूर्ण): deceitful Synonyms: duplicitous, insidious Antonyms: honest, forthright Example Sentence: He plays a devious character. 3. DISENTOMB (VERB): (अन्वेषण करना): disclose Synonyms: resurrect,


** VOCABULARY WORDS 07.08.2018 ** —————————————— 1. FECKLESS (ADJECTIVE): (उद्देश्यहीन): without purpose Synonyms: aimless, carefree Antonyms: purposeful, efficient Example Sentence: It was a feckless attempt to make the company a success. 2. MERCURIAL (ADJECTIVE): (अस्थिर): flighty, temperamental Synonyms: changeable, impulsive Antonyms: constant, stable Example Sentence: His mercurial temperament made him difficult to work with his

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