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** VOCABULARY WORDS 17.02.2018 ** ——————————————- 1.LAGGARD (NOUN): idler Synonyms: straggler, lingerer Antonyms: winner, hard worker Example Sentence: Ankit was always the laggard who finished in last place. 2. ACQUIESCE (VERB): accede Synonyms: conform, comply Antonyms: deny, resist Example Sentence: I would rather acquiesce to my younger brother’s wish. 3. FLACCID (ADJECTIVE): nerveless Synonyms: enfeebled,


** VOCABULARY WORDS 10.02.2018 ** ——————————————- 1.FORTUITOUS (ADJECTIVE): happening by chance Synonyms: random, fortunate Antonyms: deliberate, intentional Example Sentence: The decrease in unemployment is not a fortuitous result. 2. COHORT (NOUN): a unit Synonyms: companion, comrade Antonyms: enemy, for Example Sentence: The country withdrew all his troops except one cohort. 3. RETROGRESSIVE (ADJECTIVE): passing from


** VOCABULARY WORDS 08.02.2018 ** ——————————————- 1.HEARTFELT (ADJECTIVE): sincere Synonyms: genuine, unaffected Antonyms: insincere, pretended Example Sentence: I pay my heartfelt regards to them. 2. SERENE (ADJECTIVE): calm Synonyms: laid-back, placid Antonyms: clamorous, turbulent Example Sentence: Afghan refugees have never been given space in India nor should Baloch political dissident. 3. ABSOLVE (VERB): To forgive;


** VOCABULARY WORDS 06.02.2018 ** ——————————————- 1.OPAQUE (ADJECTIVE): non-transparen Synonyms: murky, hazy Antonyms: bright, clear Example Sentence: The country cannot be so opaque to history as to say no sale. 2. HEREAFTER (ADVERB): from now on Synonyms: hence, eventually Antonyms: incompletely, moderately Example Sentence: These people will hereafter be allowed to enter our territory. 3.


** VOCABULARY WORDS 05.02.2018 ** ——————————————- 1.STRINGENT (ADJECTIVE): strict Synonyms: demanding, draconian Antonyms: amenable, facile Example Sentence: Area safety requirements have become more stringent. 2. STARE (VERB): look fixedly Synonyms: glare, focus Antonyms: ignore, neglect Example Sentence: These people have been staring me for a long time. 3. FRAGMENT (VERB): break synonyms: chunk, portion Antonyms:


** VOCABULARY WORDS 03.02.2018 ** ——————————————- 1.FREAK (NOUN): aberration Synonyms: anomaly, oddity Antonyms: conformity, normality Example Sentence: The teacher says the accident was a total freak. 2. GRATUITOUS (ADJECTIVE): free Synonyms: charge-less, costless Antonyms: costly, expensive Example Sentence: The homeless shelter provides food gratuitous for needy individuals. 3. SLING (VERB): throw Synonyms: hoist, hurl Antonyms:


** VOCABULARY WORDS 02.02.2018 ** ——————————————- 1.IMPROPRIETY (NOUN): misconduct, dishonesty Synonyms: indecency, rudeness Antonyms: correction, propriety Example Sentence: The court committed judicial impropriety. 2. WARRANT (VERB): official affirm or guarantee Synonyms: justify, vindicate Antonyms: charge, disprove Example Sentence: Serious concerns are required to warrant his removal. 3. APEX (NOUN): the top or highest part of


** VOCABULARY WORDS 30.01.2018 ** ——————————————- 1.COMMEMORATE (VERB): recall or show respect for Synonyms: memorize, celebrate Antonyms: ignore, neglect Example Sentence: All players will receive a championship ring to commemorate the team’s amazing season. 2. UNPRECEDENTED (ADJECTIVE): never done or known before Synonyms: bizarre, unique Antonyms: common, familiar Example Sentence: Before the storm, there was


** VOCABULARY WORDS 29.01.2018 ** ——————————————- 1. OMINOUS (ADJECTIVE): menacing, foreboding Synonyms: dark , gloomy Antonyms: bright , cheerful Example Sentence: Our attention was immediately drawn to the ominous warning signs of land mines. 2. SKIRT (VERB): border; be on the edge. Synonyms: bound, surround Antonyms: let go, centre Example Sentence: The dust skirted near


** VOCABULARY WORDS 27.01.2018 ** ——————————————- 1.VULNERABLE (ADJECTIVE): can easily be hurt Synonyms: sensitive, unsafe Antonyms: guarded, safe Example Sentence: The new changes are for protection of children and vulnerable road users. 2. IMPERATIVE (ADJECTIVE): of vital importance Synonyms: compulsory, crucial Antonyms: optional, unrestrained Example Sentence: It is imperative to have an institutionalised and sustainable

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