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**VOCABULARY WORDS 25.09.2017** ———————————————– 1. SPLINTER (NOUN): flake Synonyms: fragment, bit Antonyms: entirety, lot Example Sentence: That splinter of intelligence is substance. 2. PORTENT (NOUN): omen Synonyms: premonition, augury Antonyms: doom, cataclysm Example Sentence: She was not happy when the psychic told her the black cat represented a portent of bad luck. 3. SLOVENLY (ADJECTIVE):


**VOCABULARY WORDS 23.09.2017** ————————————————– 1. TAME (ADJECTIVE): domesticated Synonyms: docile, gentle Antonyms: harsh, rough Example Sentence: The fish are so tame you have to push them away. 2. CRAM (VERB): overcrowd Synonyms: stuff, pack Antonyms: release, let out Example Sentence: The ashtray by the bed was crammed with cigarette butts. 3. REBUT (VERB): deny Synonyms:


**VOCABULARY WORDS 20.09.2017** —————————————– 1. HUBBUB (NOUN): fracas Synonyms: commotion, brawl Antonyms: calm, peace Example Sentence: The hubbub from the group of reporters gave the politician a headache. 2. SHODDY (ADJECTIVE): inferior Synonyms: in bad shape, shabby Antonyms: good, noble Example Sentence: Because of shoddy accounting practices, our firm is being audited. 3. SLEAZY (ADJECTIVE):


**VOCABULARY WORDS 19.09.2017** —————————————– 1. VALOR (NOUN): boldness Synonyms: courage, firmness Antonyms: cowardice, timidity Example Sentence: I am impressed with his valor. 2. UNFLAPPABLE (ADJECTIVE): calm Synonyms: composed, relaxed Antonyms: nervous, disconcerted Example Sentence: He is in unflappable state of mind. 3. UNCANNY (ADJECTIVE): strange Synonyms: weird, odd Antonyms: conventional, normal Example Sentence: Seeing her


**VOCABULARY WORDS 18.09.2017** ————————————————- 1. GLIB (ADJECTIVE): eloquent Synonyms: loquacious, talkative Antonyms: quiet, silent Example Sentence: Radhika is a glib girl. 2. FECUND (ADJECTIVE): breedin Synonyms: fertile, reproducing Antonyms: impotent, sterile Example Sentence:The airline is looking for fecund individuals who can complete many tasks in a short period of time. 3. BRAZEN (ADJECTIVE): bol Synonyms:


**VOCABULARY WORDS 17.09.2017** ————————————————- 1. FELICITY (NOUN): ecstasy Synonyms: cheerfulness, euphoria Antonyms: despair, gloom Example Sentence: I hope my friend finds much felicity in her career. 2. WANTON (ADJECTIVE): gratuitous Synonyms: senseless, unjustifiable Antonyms: rational, reasonable Example Sentence: He presented a wanton idea in the meeting. 3. AUSTERE (ADJECTIVE): stringent Synonyms: rigid, inflexible Antonyms: flexible,


**VOCABULARY WORDS 16.09.2017** ————————————————– 1. PLUNGE (NOUN): fall Synonyms: quick drop, dive Antonyms: rise, increase Example Sentence: Fanatics went straight from the hot room to take a cold plunge. 2. SPEW (VERB): spit out Synonyms: expel, throw up Antonyms: contain, restrain Example Sentence: Rina is going to spew right here in the car. 3. DEMURRER


**VOCABULARY WORDS 15.09.2017** ————————————————– 1. HYPOCRITE (NOUN): person who pretends, is deceitful Synonyms: charlatan, trickster Antonyms: true, genuine Example Sentence: His friend wrongly said that he was a hypocrite. 2. HEARSAY (NOUN): unsubstantiated information Synonyms: rumors, grapevine Antonyms: reality, truth Example Sentence: One should not believe in hearsay. 3. TEEM (VERB): Overflow Synonyms: overrun, full


**VOCABULARY WORDS 14.09.2017** ————————————————– 1. INSTIL (VERB): inject Synonyms: infuse, implant Antonyms: eradicate, extract Example Sentence: The instructor tried to instil fear in the students. 2. ENCROACH (VERB): violate Synonyms: trespass, infringe Antonyms: shun, abide Example Sentence: As the forests continue to be destroyed for development, bears have no choice but to encroach into residential


**VOCABULARY WORDS 13.09.2017** ————————————————– 1. PLOWED (ADJECTIVE): cultivated Antonyms: recovered, instilled Example Sentence: Anuj plowed into him, nearly knocking him down. 2. SLAPPED (ADJECTIVE): hard hit/imposed Synonyms: beaten, pat Antonyms: avoided, saved Example Sentence: He was slapped by the disaster. 3. EVAPORATE (VERB): dry, dissolve Synonyms: absorb, vaporize Antonyms: appear, moist Example Sentence: The water