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** VOCABULARY WORDS 18.10.2018 ** —————————————– 1. CONDONE (VERB): Ignore: (ध्यान न देना) Synonyms: excuse, forgive  Antonyms: veto, regard Example Sentence: I condoned him at the party. 2. SURMOUNT (VERB): Conquer: (विजय पाना) Synonyms: defeat, overpower Antonyms: surrender, yield Example Sentence: He surmounted his enemy. 3. OBLOQUY (NOUN): Calumny: (निंदा) Synonyms: aspersion, humiliation Antonyms: commendation,


** VOCABULARY WORDS 17.10.2018 ** —————————————– 1. STAID (ADJECTIVE): serious:(गंभीर) Synonyms: steady, conventional Antonyms: frivolous, funny Example Sentence: He is a staid professor. 2. GOB (NOUN): multitude:(ढेर सारा) Synonyms: abundance, fullness Antonyms: individual, one Example Sentence: All bakery products are found in gob at this outlet. 3. REVEL (NOUN): carousal:(आनंदोत्सव) Synonyms: gaiety, gala Antonyms: gloom,


** VOCABULARY WORDS 16.10.2018 ** —————————————– 1. STIFLE (VERB): Restrain:(बुझाना) Synonyms: suppress, repress  Antonyms: release, free Example Sentence: She makes no attempt to stifle a yawn. 2. ARCHAIC (ADJECTIVE): Old-fashioned:(अप्रचलित) Synonyms: obsolete, antiquated Antonyms: latest, modern Example Sentence: These archaic practices are advocated by people of limited outlook. 3. PRUNE (VERB): Pare down:(छाँटना) Synonyms: trim,


** VOCABULARY WORDS 15.10.2018 ** —————————————– 1. VITUPERATE (VERB): criticize harshly:(निंदा करना) Synonyms: accuse, blame Antonyms: exonerate, exculpate Example Sentence: Vinta Nanda Vituperated Alok Nath for his misconduct. 2. TURPITUDE (NOUN): depravity:(भ्रष्टता) Synonyms: corruption, criminality Antonyms: decency, moralit Example Sentence: Alok was sentenced to life in prison for the acts of turpitude he committed. 3.


** VOCABULARY WORDS 13.10.2018 ** —————————————– 1. DISCERNMENT (NOUN): perception:(समझ) Synonyms: acumen, understanding Antonyms: ignorance, stupidity Example Sentence: Tact is skill in touching; nice perception or discernment in dealing with others. 2. NARCISSISM (NOUN): egotism:(अहंकार) Synonyms: arrogance, selfishness Antonyms: shyness, timidity Example Sentence: Narcissism is a result of stunted growth and of childhood abuse. 3.


** VOCABULARY WORDS 12.10.2018 ** —————————————– 1. CONDESCENSION (NOUN): disdain :(कृपालुता) Synonyms: civility, haughtiness Antonyms: humility, inferiority Example Sentence: One should never show condescension to others. 2. EDDY (NOUN):current:(भंवर, बवन्डर) Synonyms: whirlpool, tide Antonyms: calm, rest Example Sentence: Don’t know when will the eddy come to rest? 3. LEAVEN (VERB):ferment:(उत्प्रेरण) Synonyms: lighten, raise Antonyms: darken,


** VOCABULARY WORDS 11.10.2018 ** —————————————– 1. WAFT (VERB): carry:(बहा ले जाना) Synonyms: drift, convey Antonyms: hold, keep Example Sentence: They waft the information. 2. ROCOCO (ADJECTIVE): florid:(अत्यलंकृत) Synonyms: ornate, gilt Antonyms: plain, undecorated Example Sentence: It was a rococo flower-vase. 3. CHIMERA (NOUN): bogy Synonyms: delusion, monstrosity Antonyms: certainty, reality Example Sentence: The economic


** VOCABULARY WORDS 10.10.2018 ** —————————————– 1. FIDELITY (NOUN): Faithfulness to a person:(विश्वस्तता) Synonyms: devotion, obedience Antonyms: treachery disloyalty Example sentence: For many fidelity to a religion creed is admirable. 2. INSISTENCE (NOUN): demand:(आग्रह) Synonyms: urging, emphasis Antonyms: satisfaction, satiation Example Sentence: Our insistence for luxuries should not cause a misery to anyone. 3. NEGATE


** VOCABULARY WORDS 09.10.2018 ** —————————————– 1. BARB (NOUN): pointed comment:(कटाक्ष) Synonyms: criticism, insult Antonyms: compliment, praise Example Sentence: Watch out for barbs as they can hurt you badly. 2. GROVEL (VERB): kowtow:(गिड़गिड़ाना) Synonyms: beseech, kneel Antonyms: authorize, command Example sentence: They criticized leaders who grovelled for foreign patrons. 3. PALLIATE (VERB): to reduce the


** VOCABULARY WORDS 08.10.2018 ** —————————————– 1. DAWDLE (VERB): waste time:(समय नष्ट करना) Synonyms: laze, saunter Antonyms: rush, hasten Example Sentence: People hasten to ask for help but often dawdle when help is needed. 2. SCURRY (VERB): move along swiftly:(शीघ्र चलना) Synonyms: scamper, dash Antonyms: loaf, dawdle Example Sentence: The little girl scurried towards her

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