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** VOCABULARY WORDS – 21.08.2019 ** —————————————— 1. REVELRY (NOUN): merrymaking:(आनंदोत्सव) Synonyms: festivity, celebration  Antonyms: mourning, sadness Example Sentence: I called the police when my neighbours refused to settle down and end their revelry. 2. RUSE (NOUN): trick, deception:(धोखा) Synonyms: gimmick, ploy Antonyms: honesty, openness Example Sentence: It was a ruse to bring him there.


** VOCABULARY WORDS – 13.08.2019 ** —————————————— 1. SINGULARLY (ADVERB): (अकेले) notably Synonyms: uniquely, remarkably  Antonyms: together, commonly Example Sentence: This was a singularly done task. 2. CLAMOUR (NOUN): (कोलाहल) upheaval Synonyms: tumult, outcry Antonyms: calm, peace Example Sentence: A news channel broadcast an ongoing clamour in parliament. 3. DETERMINATION (NOUN): (दृढ़ संकल्प) perseverance Synonyms:


** VOCABULARY WORDS – 10.08.2019 ** —————————————— 1. SUSCEPTIBLE (ADJECTIVE): vulnerable:(अतिसंवेदनशील) Synonyms: receptive, prone Antonyms: insensitive, resistant Example Sentence: Dress your children warmly because they are very susceptible to illness after being exposed to cold weather. 2. FEAT (NOUN): accomplishment:(कमाल) Synonyms: triumph, victory Antonyms: failure, forfeit Example Sentence: The man was honored when the king


** VOCABULARY WORDS – 08.08.2019 ** —————————————— 1. SIPHON (VERB): transfer illegally:(बेइमानी से निकालना) Synonyms: transport, draw off  Antonyms: conclude, finish Example Sentence: Those who failed the biometric test was siphoned off with abandon. 2. REVENGE (NOUN): reaction to a wrong action:(प्रतिकार) Synonyms: vengeance, retribution Antonyms: forgiveness, pardon Example Sentence: I will surely take revenge


** VOCABULARY WORDS – 06.08.2019 ** —————————————— 1. TURMOIL (NOUN): chaos:(खलबली) Synonyms: turbulence, ferment  Antonyms: contentment, tranquility Example Sentence: There was widespread turmoil in the city. 2. RIFT (NOUN): a flaw, fault:(मनमुटाव) Synonyms: breach, fissure Antonyms: closure, agreement Example Sentence: It is a great misfortune that an internal rift has moved inexorably towards a full-blown


** VOCABULARY WORDS – 05.08.2019 ** —————————————— 1. PATOIS (NOUN): jargon:(खास बोली) Synonyms: argot, dialect  Antonyms: standard, normal Example Sentence: Most words were understood by teenager, but the gentleman looked confused at some of the words due to the teenager’s patois. 2. PRECEPT (NOUN): law:(आदेश) Synonyms: doctrine, axiom Antonyms: lawlessness, disbelief Example Sentence: Change is


** VOCABULARY WORDS – 02.08.2019 ** —————————————— 1. DECOY (NOUN): Trap: (पाश) Synonyms: attraction, inducement  Antonyms: honesty, frankness Example Sentence: We caught a rat, using a decoy to trick it into the cage. 2. DEBONAIR (ADJECTIVE): Charming: (मोहक) Synonyms: affable, elegant Antonyms: awkward, inelegant Example Sentence: Suneet has a debonair personality. 3. PESTILENT (ADJECTIVE): Baneful:


** VOCABULARY WORDS – 01.08.2019 ** —————————————— 1.CADAVEROUS (ADJECTIVE): pale:(पीला विवर्ण) Synonyms: blanched, ashen  Antonyms: lively, lifelike Example Sentence: Her face looked so cadaverous. 2. DECADENT (ADJECTIVE): corrupt:(अनैतिक) Synonyms: immoral, depraved Antonyms: moral, noble Example Sentence: He is a decadent person. 3. CASTIGATION (NOUN): punishment:(दंड) Synonyms: chastisement, retribution Antonyms: pardon, forgiveness Example Sentence: I am


** VOCABULARY WORDS – 30.07.2019 ** —————————————— 1. HEGEMONY (NOUN): (नायकत्व): controlling power or influence over others Synonyms: dominance, dominion  Antonyms: impotency, weakness Example Sentence: Both America and China are trying for hegemony in Asia. 2. SUFFICE (VERB): (पर्याप्त होना): be enough Synonyms: satisfy, avail Antonyms: displease, dissatisfy Example Sentence: Simple mediocrity cannot suffice them.


** VOCABULARY WORDS – 29.07.2019 ** —————————————— 1. ZAP (VERB): (नष्ट करना): destroy Synonyms: kill, slaughter Antonyms: bear, begin Example Sentence: Pakistan zapped the LOC area. 2. SKIRMISH (NOUN): (झड़प): fight Synonyms: altercation, argument Antonyms: peace, retreat Example Sentence: The skirmish lasted about fifteen minutes near my house. 3. EMPATHY (NOUN): (हमदर्दी): understanding Synonyms: affinity,

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