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Vocabulary Words – 28.12.2016

Synonyms & Antonyms

Vocabulary Words – 28.12.2016 1. INDELICATE (ADJECTIVE):Indecorous Synonyms: brutish, callow Antonyms: decent, delicate  Example Sentence: Laura remarks about Donald, however indelicate but carried the truth. 2. SCRIMPY (ADJECTIVE):Scant Synonyms: mere, insufficient Antonyms: adequate, ample Example Sentence: There was scrimpy room to sit. 3. SPUNKY(ADJECTIVE):Spirited Synonyms: energetic, courageous Antonyms: inactive, lethargic Example Sentence: Amelie is a

Vocabulary Words – 26.12.2016

Synonyms & Antonyms

1.RAUCOUS (ADJECTIVE): Noisy Synonyms: discordant, strident  Antonyms: mild, subdued Example Sentence:  James is interrupted by a raucous yell.   2. ANIMUS (NOUN): Enmity  Synonyms: animosity, antagonism Antonyms: affinity, adoration Why is there an animus in your mind against him? 3. ABORIGINAL (ADJECTIVE): Ancient Synonyms: endemic, primitive Antonyms: modern, new Example Sentence:  The aboriginal inhabitants of

Vocabulary Words – 13.12.2016

Synonyms & Antonyms

Vocabulary Words – 13.12.2016 1.FECUND (ADJECTIVE): Productive Synonyms: fertile, proliferant Antonyms: sterile, impotent Example Sentence: The fecund teacher knew he had to find a way to fix the failure of the students. 2. ADORN (VERB): Beautify Synonyms: bedeck, decorate Antonyms: uglify, disfigure Example Sentence: She likes to adorn her notes. 3. ADULATION (NOUN): Applause Synonyms:

English Vocab 12.12.2016

Synonyms & Antonyms

Vocabulary Words – 12.12.2016 1. BEFOREHAND (ADJECTIVE): Early Synonyms: sooner, already Antonyms: old, late Example Sentence: I prepared the food beforehand. 2. STRANDED (ADJECTIVE): Aground Synonyms: ashore, marooned Antonyms: found, afloat Example Sentence: A few sailors were left stranded. 3. AVENGE (VERB): retaliate Synonyms: vindicate, punish Antonyms: cheer, forgive Example Sentence: Hamlet delayed avenging the

Vocabulary Words – 09.12.2016

Synonyms & Antonyms

Vocabulary Words – 09.12.2016 1. CEREMONIOUS (ADJECTIVE): an excess of formality Synonyms: ritual, formal Antonyms: informal, unobserved Example Sentence: A friend’s manners should not be ceremonious. 2. CONFIDANT (NOUN): one who is entrusted with a secret Synonyms: crony, familiar Antonyms: enemy, foe Example Sentence: She had chosen me for her confidant and I learned all

Vocabulary Words – 07.12.2016

Synonyms & Antonyms

Vocabulary Words – 07.12.2016 1. ABRASIVE (ADJECTIVE): Acerbic Synonyms: biting, annoying Antonyms: kind, calm Example Sentence: Rahul was fined for using abrasive language.   2. DEFY (VERB): Disregard Synonyms: challange, confront Antonyms: assist, flatter Example Sentence: I tried to defy my boss once.   3. INNUENDO (NOUN): Suggestion Synonyms: aspersion, allusion Antonyms: evidence, proof Example

Vocabulary Words – 06.12.2016

Synonyms & Antonyms

Vocabulary Words – 06.12.2016   1. NOTION (NOUN): Idea Synonyms: belief, assumption Antonyms: reality, actuality Example Sentence: I will give you some notion of how it is done.   2. ARTICULATE (VERB): Enunciate Synonyms: express, pronounce Antonyms: conceal, hide Example Sentence: The interviewer asked Ravish to articulate his potential contributions to the company.   3.

Vocabulary Words – 05.12.2016

Synonyms & Antonyms

Vocabulary Words – 05.12.2016 1. MERELY (ADVERB): Slightly Synonyms: only, simply Antonyms: indefinitely, difficultly Example Sentence: Megha merely wanted to help you. 2. EMANATE (VERB): Emerge Synonyms: flow, pour Antonyms: conceal, hold Example Sentence: Happiness seemed to emanate from Mandy on her wedding day. 3. DUCAT (NOUN): Accrediation Synonyms: credential, license Antonyms: prohibition, refusal Example

Vocabulary Words – 02.12.2016

Vocabulary Words – 02.12.2016 1. RAGTAG (ADJECTIVE): Scruffy Synonyms: decrepit, shoddy Antonyms: kempt, neat Example Sentence: They had ragtag militia outfits. 2. RAZE (VERB): Bulldoze Synonyms: obliterate, demolish Antonyms: build, repair Example Sentence: Their Army razed the place. 3. JUGGLE (VERB): Mislead Synonyms: alter, beguile Antonyms: neglect, reveal Example Sentence: It is very easy to

Vocabulary Words – 01.12.2016

Synonyms & Antonyms

Vocabulary Words – 01.12.2016 1. INTERMINABLE (ADJECTIVE): Infinite Synonyms: endless, boundless Antonyms: ceasing, brief Example Sentence: If I have to sit through one of my elder brother’s interminable lectures again, I will go insane. 2. SWERVE (VERB): Deflect Synonyms: lurch, skid Antonyms: stay, remain Example Sentence: A bus swerved across its path. 3. SCRUNCH (VERB):