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** VOCABULARY WORDS 21.11.2018 ** ——————————————————— 1. OPPRESSION (NOUN): (उत्पीड़न) misery Synonyms: despotism, maltreatment Antonyms: kindness, affection Example Sentence: Pakistan is nation that is known for its oppression. 2. DRACONIAN (ADJECTIVE): (कठोर) Harsh Synonyms: cruel, oppressive Antonyms: easy, gentle Example Sentence: Your master is a draconian man. 3. DAWDLE (VERB): (समय नष्ट करना) Waste time


** VOCABULARY WORDS 20.11.2018 ** ——————————————————— 1. ODIUM (NOUN): loathing:(घृणा) Synonyms: abhorrence, disgust Antonyms: affection, liking Example Sentence: After getting out of prison, the child molester still had to deal with odium from his neighbors. 2. METTLE (NOUN): (दिलेरी) boldness Synonyms: fortitude, spunk Antonyms: timidity, cowardice Example Sentence: The team showed their true mettle in


** VOCABULARY WORDS 19.11.2018 ** ——————————————————— 1. SNITCH (VERB): reveal:(प्रकट करना) Synonyms: divulge, evince Antonyms: conceal, suppress Example Sentence: She is going to snitch her secret. 2. HUSTLER (NOUN): criminal:(अपराधी) Synonyms: desperado, felon Antonyms: police, law Example Sentence: He is the denounced hustler of this locality. 3. ASTRAY (ADVERB): afield:(गुमराह) Synonyms: adrift, off target Antonyms:


** VOCABULARY WORDS 17.11.2018 ** ——————————————————— 1. IGNOMINIOUS (ADJECTIVE): (अपयशपूर्ण) humiliating Synonyms: embarrassing, disgraceful Antonyms: respectable, honorable Example Sentence: The family was very embarrassed about their son’s ignominious behavior at the gathering. 2. 1. CYNIC (NOUN): (निंदक) nonbeliever Synonyms: doubter, skeptic Antonyms: believer, optimist Example Sentence: She is a cynic. 3. IMPORTUNE (VERB): (ज़ोर देना)


** VOCABULARY WORDS 16.11.2018 ** ——————————————————— 1. ILLUSTRIOUS (ADJECTIVE): (प्रसिद्ध) famous Synonyms: esteemed, eminent Antonyms: insignificant, unimportant Example Sentence: Number of illustrious workers have lead this NGO. 2. YEARNING (NOUN): (इच्छा) desire Synonyms: aspiration, craving Antonyms: apathy, disinterest Example Sentence: His yearning is to have a road trip. 3. INCUR (VERB): (अपने उपर लेना/उठाना) bring


** VOCABULARY WORDS 15.11.2018 ** ——————————————————— 1. HOBNOB (VERB): Consort:(दोस्ती करना) Synonyms: socialize, associate with Antonyms: live alone, disassociate Example Sentence: Now a days he is hobnobbing with avant-garde musicians. 2. COMPUNCTION (NOUN): Regret:(मलाल) Synonyms: repentance, remorse Antonyms: delight, satisfaction Example Sentence: The drunk driver showed no compunction after killing an innocent person. 3. OPT


** VOCABULARY WORDS 14.11.2018 ** ——————————————————— 1. JUNTA (NOUN): (समिति) council Synonyms: faction, cabal Antonyms: single, individual Example Sentence: After the dictator died the country was taken over by a junta of former officials. 2. LAY DOWN (VERB): (आदेश देना) command Synonyms: impose, order Antonyms: implore, request Example Sentence: She laid down as if she


** VOCABULARY WORDS 13.11.2018 ** —————————————- 1. JETTISON (VERB): (निकाल फ़ेकना) throw overboard Synonyms: dump, discard Antonyms: hold, keep Example sentence: I will keep the good experiences and jettison the bad ones, before I leave this city. 2. FURNISH (VERB): (देना) provide Synonyms: dispense, issue Antonyms: receive, deny Example Sentence: The ATM furnished the money.


** VOCABULARY WORDS 12.11.2018 ** —————————————- 1. SQUABBLE (NOUN): (लड़ाई/झगड़ा) argument Synonyms: altercation, difference Antonyms: accord, similarity Example Sentence: I don’t want to be engaged in the family squabbles. 2. PERTURBED (ADJECTIVE): (क्षुब्ध) troubled Synonyms: restless, flustered Antonyms: untroubled, unworried Example Sentence: Even during this perturbed time he prosecuted his studies and teaching. 3. SUBVERSION


** VOCABULARY WORDS 05.11.2018 ** —————————————- 1. RECONNOITER (VERB): (खोजना) to survey a place or situation for planning purposes Synonyms: inspect, examine Antonyms: ignore, overlook Example Sentence: One should constantly reconnoiter one’s enemy’s movements. 2. RANKLE (VERB): (खिजाना/चिढ़ाना) to cause bitterness or irritation Synonyms: annoy, embitter Antonyms: comfort, pacify Example Sentence: Sarika was rankled by

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