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TOP HEADLINES 22.07.2017

**TOP HEADLINES 22.07.2017** —————————————– 1. Former Bihar Governor Ram Nath Kovind became the 14th President of India. He will sworn in on 25th July. बिहार के पूर्व राज्यपाल, रामनाथ कोविंद भारत के 14वें राष्ट्रपति बने। वह 25 जुलाई को शपथ ग्रहण करेंगे। 2. American President Donald Trump has nominated John R Bass, currently serving as


**VOCABULARY WORDS 22.07.2017** ————————————————- 1. FIERY (ADJECTIVE): Blazing Synonyms: fierce, flaming Antonyms: dull, mild Example Sentence:A paparazzi asked a fiery question from Alia. 2. PLEADING (VERB): Imploring Synonyms: appealing, beseeching Antonyms:granting,demanding Example Sentence:The patient’s family members were pleading before the doctor. 3. INARTICULATE (ADJECTIVE): Unable to express oneself clearly Synonyms: incoherent, blurred Antonyms: articulate, communicative

TOP HEADLINES 21.07.2017

**TOP HEADLINES 21.07.2017** —————————————– 1. American President Donald Trump has nominated Raytheon lobbyist Mark Esper as the next Army secretary. अमेरिकी राष्ट्रपति डोनाल्ड ट्रंप ने रेथिओन लॉबिस्ट मार्क एस्पर को अगले आर्मी सेक्रेटरी के पद के लिए नामित किया है। 2. The Union Cabinet approved sale of government’s 51.11 per cent stake in oil refiner


**VOCABULARY WORDS 21.07.2017** ————————————————- 1. FOOTLOOSE (ADJECTIVE): Easy going Synonyms: unattached, free and easy Antonyms: bound, enslaved Example Sentence: I am a footloose person and so is she. 2. ROLLICKING (ADJECTIVE): Joyous Synonyms: jaunty, spirited Antonyms: sad, depressed Example Sentence: We enjoyed his rollicking performance. 3. LANGUID (ADJECTIVE): Dropping Synonyms: sluggish, laid-back Antonyms: energetic, lively


**VOCABULARY WORDS 19.07.2017** ————————————————- 1. CONTEMPORANEOUS (ADJECTIVE): Coeval Synonyms: simultaneous, contemporary  Antonyms: different, separate Example Sentence: The contemporaneous ringing of the ten phone lines kept the inexperienced receptionist very busy. 2. SARTORIAL (ADJECTIVE): Pertaining to tailors Synonyms: stylish, elegant Antonyms: frumpy, dumpy Example Sentence: Those sartorial coats made me chew the cud. 3. CAULK (VERB):

TOP HEAD2017LINES 19.07.2017

**TOP HEAD2017LINES 19.07.2017** —————————————– 1. With the resignation of Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu, Smriti Irani has been given additional charge of the Information & Broadcast Ministry and Narendra Tomar has been made the Minister for Urban Development. केंद्रीय मंत्री वेंकैया नायडू के इस्तीफे के साथ, स्मृति ईरानी को सूचना एवं प्रसारण मंत्रालय का अतिरिक्त प्रभार

TOP HEADLINES 18.07.2017

**TOP HEADLINES 18.07.2017** —————————————– 1. Roger Federer defeated Marin Cilic to win a record eighth Wimbledon men’s singles title and became the tournament’s oldest champion. रोजर फेडरर ने मारिन सिलिच को हराकर रिकार्ड आठवीं बार विंबलडन का पुरुष एकल खिताब जीता और टूर्नामेंट के सबसे अधिक उम्र के चैंपियन बने। 2. Poland’s Lukasz Kubot and


**VOCABULARY WORDS 18.07.2017** ————————————————- 1. HOBNOB (VERB): Consort Synonyms: socialize, associate with Antonyms: live alone, disassociate Example Sentence:Now a days he is hobnobbing with avant-garde musicians. 2. COMPUNCTION (NOUN): Regret Synonyms: repentance, remorse Antonyms: delight, satisfaction Example Sentence:The drunk driver showed no compunction after killing an innocent person. 3. OPT (VERB): Choose Synonyms: elect, prefer

TOP HEADLINES 17.07.2017

**TOP HEADLINES 17.07.2017** ——————————— 1. UNICEF appointed Indian- origin Canadian YouTube star Lilly Singh as its newest Global Goodwill Ambassador at a special event. यूनिसेफ ने भारतीय मूल की कनाडा की यूट्यूब स्टार लिली सिंह को एक विशेष कार्यक्रम में यूनिसेफ का नया वैश्विक गुडविल ऐम्बैसडर नियुक्त किया है। 2. Haryana’s Sandeep Kumar won the


**VOCABULARY WORDS 17.07.2017** ————————————————- 1. QUANDARY (NOUN): Difficulty Synonyms: dilemma, predicament Antonyms: good fortune, advantage Example Sentence:These days he is in quandary because he got his walking papers. 2. PIQUE (NOUN): Anger Synonyms: annoyance, grudge Antonyms: pleasure, joy Example Sentence:Why are you fixed in your ways and always show pique towards him? 3. PECCADILLO (NOUN):